Lord, Have Mercy by Ellen Miller

90 days of hope & help for moms who could use a good laugh (& sometimes a good cry) while on this journey with kids!

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In the introduction, Ellen Miller states that mothering is not for wusses -- that those who are not mothers don't always understand our fierce loyalty and need for God's Word to help raise our little rascals.

To help us in this task, she wrote this devotional:

I've only just begun working my way through this 90-day devotional, but I already love the way the author has the book organized.

She focuses on five critical areas that can offer peace, hope, and joy -- even if your children have just colored on your freshly-painted walls!

Section 1 reminds us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made as "Lord, Have Mercy: Renew My Spirit" helps us refresh ourselves in order to better take care of the others in our care.

Section 2 ensures we don't ignore the deepest part of ourselves. "Lord, Have Mercy on My Soul" is meant to feed our souls and fortify our minds to help us deal with our family and work.

Section 3 helps to strengthen our family bonds and "Lord, Have Mercy: Get Me Out of This Mess" destroys the temptations that could destroy our lives.

Section 4 enables us moms to find, keep, and demonstrate internal and external peace -- even when the people around us are driving us nuts. "Lord, Have Mercy: Help Me Be Good" enhances our Christian witness.

Section 5 validates our commitment and conviction to raise our children -- "Lord, Have Mercy as I Raise These Kids" helps us do this in the most God-honoring way we can.

Each day's reading is short and simple -- perfect for moms who have a hard time fitting in a contemplative moment each day.

Ellen Miller includes a related Bible verse for each one of her little mom-nuggets, as well as making connections with other popular media sources of the day that we encounter.

At the close of each section, you'll find a compilation of all the Bible verses in addition to an "I said this prayer for you last night" page.

If you're in the trenches of mom-dom right now and looking for a way to connect to God while you keep your head above water, this little devotional is the book for you! Grab your copy here and learn how to have help and hope, even if you're a mom on your last nerve!

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