5 After 5, Children's books your kids loved this year

We were introduced to so many fabulous children's books this year, so it was incredibly hard to choose just five to focus on for this list!

I took the easy way out and had Gv choose...

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It's time for another round of 5 After 5!  In case you missed it, last week's list was ways you've grown or changed this past year and if you're new to this series, you can read more about it here - then catch up on all the old editions here.

Today I've got my list of 5 to share, as well as next week's topic for you to stew about over the upcoming days.

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List 5 children's books your kids loved this year

I couldn't get my list of these books down to fewer than 20 and even Gv had trouble choosing just five, but here's what we managed to come up with:

1.  Zoey and Sassafras

This was a no-brainer and I'd even considered taking an easy shortcut to my list-length dilemma by mentioning each of the three books we read as a separate item, but I managed to restrain myself.

Gv and I both fell in love with this series this past year and we can't wait to read the next two...I've heard Santa might deliver one in a couple days...

In case you haven't read my rave reviews of these books, you can check out posts on Dragons and MarshmallowsMonsters and Mold, and Merhorses and Bubbles and get caught up on things.

2.  The Character Builder's Bible

Gv has really enjoyed working through this book and I just love that it matches up perfectly to her age right now.

If you're looking for a good little devotional to read through with your child, check out this post here!

3.  Good Night Tales

We haven't had this book for too long, but we've already read through the entire thing several times.

Usually I'll get away with putting a book like this with a collection of stories back on the shelf for a year or so, but every time I have, Gv's brought it back out again and says she still wants to read it.

Read my full review of this gem here.

4.  The Berenstain Bears: 5-Minute Inspirational Stories

We've read plenty of great Berenstain Bears books this year, but Gv said this one was her absolute favorite because it had the most stories in it.

Learn more about this great book in this post here

5.  'Twas the Evening of Christmas

We've only had this book for a few days, but we are already completely in love with it and I just might not be able to store it with the other Christmas books for next year!

For next week:

Favorite Books of 2017

I don't know which list is more difficult to trim down, this week's children's book choices or next week's...tune in next time to find out!

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