Friday Frivolity - Favorite Chips Edition

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At last week's party, we shared our favorite popcorn toppings.

This week, it's National Cornchip Day, so we're sharing our favorite chips -- just in time to stock up for that snacky sports day that's coming up soon.

Even though I don't have them very often, I loooooove chips. I choose crunchy/salty over sweet desserts any day and it's just a really good thing our budget doesn't allow for anything outside of the necessities, because I'd probably just eat chips all day, if I could.

I love 'em all, but if I had to choose five that I can't walk past at a party without piling on my plate, it would be:

1. Fritos

Actually, I can pretty easily resist Fritos when they're just by themselves, but pair them with some mega-unhealthy hot dog chili and I'll be scraping that chili bowl clean with even the tiniest of Frito fragments.

2. Sun Chips

I've always been partial to bread and starchy stuff that's more grainy, so when these chips appeared on the scene, I immediately gobbled them up.

I don't need the fancy flavors, though. Just plain original is fine and dandy for me.

3. Kettle-Cooked Style Chips

They're just sooo crunchy, I can't resist! Any brand, any flavor, I could just eat bags and bags of the things and never need another food for my whole life.

Well, except maybe cheese.

I don't know if I could live without cheese.

4. Cheetos

OhMyGoodness, these things probably top the Ten Worst Foods You Can Eat list. They are processed, they are completely composed of crappy chemicals, they are the most unnatural color, but they are sooooo good.

I seriously think half the reason I rode in the MS150 every year was just to get the little packet of Cheetos with my lunch.

I can. not. pass. them. up.

5. The Ultimate Chip

G totally out-did himself this year with the Christmas gifts when he wrapped up a bag of these for me as a present.

I did the best I could to nurse that sucker and make those cracklin' little pieces of heaven last forever, but they were gone in a week and I still have dreams about how delicious they were.

They came from Aldi and I can promise you that if we ever see them in there again, we will be purchasing every single bag they have on the shelf!

So what about you, what are your favorite chips?

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