The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations

60 ultimate try-something-new, explore-the-world activities! 

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Just in time for summer, this fun book will fill the days with hours of faith-based creative adventures for your kids!

When I was a kid, a trip to the library always meant that I'd emerge from the shelves with a book just like this in my check-out pile.

I was all about activities and plans and schemes and coming up with the next great thing, so books like this one that contained lessons on knot tying, writing coded letters, building tree swings and learning sign language were right up my alley!

This book will help give your kids the kind of childhood you had (or your parents, if you're not ancient like me!) and not only provide ideas for do-it-yourself crafts indoors, but push them outside to create plenty of adventures, as well.

This book would be perfect to add to your child's beginning-of-summer fun basket -- its 150 pages of explorations will not only expose him to things like camping and first-aid and geocaching, but each activity also includes key Bible verses and biblical takeaways, making it a bit of a laid-back daily devotional!

This book is marketed toward tween-aged boys, but I think any kid who enjoys exploring new things and having adventures will love it -- even the younger preschool-aged set, with a little help from mom or dad!

If your kids love learning about and trying new things (or if you just want a great resource to have on hand for those "I'm bored" days of summer!), then this colorfully illustrated book is a great one to have around the house! Grab your copy here and let your kids explore the world! 

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