Easter Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist

Another unique book in the "Love Letters" collection that's the perfect keepsake for Holy Week your children will enjoy reading year after year!

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Gv was over the moon when this book arrived for my review:

The Love Letters from God girls edition I reviewed here is probably one of her most favorite books out of all the ones I've been sent and she is constantly flipping up all the flaps and asking me to read "just one page!"

The cover of this latest book again reminds me of a fun scrapbook page with its illustrations that look like stickers, ribbons and an envelope!

Besides Gv being thrilled over having another one of these books, I was excited to have something special to pull out every Easter to read through together.

We love what we've been using for the Christmas season, but hadn't found the right resource to read through together at Easter time.

This book is just perfect!

It walks the reader through Holy Week using seven beautifully illustrated Bible stories. Each story has two double-page spreads devoted to it and ends with a special, personalized love letter from God.

Besides the stories, related Bible verses and letters for each of the seven days, the book ends like the other version with a blank letter, allowing your child to write his or her own letter back to God.

Gv has been so excited about that letter in the previous book that it prompted her desire to learn handwriting this past year, just so she could fill it out!

I've often felt a bit "iffy" with books like this or this storybook Bible that Gv was given for a gift one year because I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the idea that someone is presuming to know what God would say...but when I see how much Gv enjoys these books and the type of dialogue it opens up for us, my uncomfortable feelings tend to dissipate.

It hasn't been difficult to explain what's being done in these books and her very-active imagination is turned on by these personal notes, causing her to include conversations with God in her everyday play.

Thinking about God while playing? That's a winning consequence, right there!

I feel this book is intended mainly for the early-elementary crowd, but I know from experience that it can still be enjoyed by toddlers to be grown into as well. If you're looking for a special book to bring out and enjoy as a family each Easter, then grab your copy here.

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