A Show About Anthem Lights

Get ready to sing & laugh along with this new animated series on Pure Flix!

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Beginning January 12, your family will have the chance to check out a fun new animated show that the whole family can enjoy:

Do you remember when I recently reviewed the Pure Flix Original television series, Vindication? Now the streaming service is adding another new show to their lineup and this time it's one that the whole family can enjoy together!

The title of this show explains it all -- it's an animated show about the band, Anthem Lights!

The fact that the show is titled in this way just makes me giggle!

My initial reaction was, "who are Anthem Lights?" and after watching the show's trailer, I finally figured out that they were a musical group of some sort.

From there, I decided to do a bit more research. I figured that it was likely the rock I live under (aka our home during Covid) that kept me out of the loop of "what's hip today" and I was just clueless about current hits and groups.

Imagine my surprise when I headed over to YouTube and discovered that I had a slew of their music already saved to my playlists!

Gv and I have been incorporating a "hymn a day" into our homeschool routine for a while. I'd compiled a "top 200" list of hymns and we've been systematically working through them over the past months. The way we go about it is to go to YouTube, type in the hymn name, then play several versions to see which ones we like best. We save those to our "hymns" playlist and that's where all these songs from Anthem Lights were popping up!

The group has SO many great videos on there -- and many of them are these fun mashups that take what can sometimes be tired songs and breathe new life into them.

One of my favorites is this video, because it begins with one of my absolute favorite hymns (& then incorporates several others into the rest of the song as well). 

Another fabulous example is this one, that mixes together another of my favorite hymns with the song I always say is the "theme song" of the church I grew up in.

But after I discovered these songs that already lived in my playlist, I explored a few of the group's other videos and saw that they really sing all sorts of things -- covering anything from Elvis to The Beatles to Katy Perry to U2 to Broadway to Disney  to this fun blast from the past of tv tunes!

By this point, I'd subscribed to their channel and headed over to the Pure Flix page to see if I could find out more about the show. Not only did I find the show's trailer, but a sneak peek episode, too!

Gv and I thought it was just plain fun and are looking forward to watching more!

The first four episodes are set to drop on 1/12/22 and then the rest (for a total of 20) will debut on Wednesdays after that.

So go check out this new show filled with tongue-in-cheek humor about the everyday life of being a Christian in a celebrity band. If the rest of the series is anything like what we've already seen, the whole family will likely be laughing throughout each episode!

If you're interested in watching it for yourself, just click on over and sign up for a free trial here!

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