Life Counsel Bible

This Bible interjects words of hope and truth relating to many of today's unique challenges into the pages of Scripture! 

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Even though it's a given that you can turn to the Bible to find help in any circumstance, this counseling-focused volume provides extra support for many of today's tough challenges that aren't always clearly addressed in chapter and verse:

I was anxious to see what this book would actually be like when it arrived, wondering whether it would be like the Biblical Counseling class I took in college (that addressed all struggles as sin and provided "prayer" as the only remedy), or if it would seem like Christian "pop" psychology randomly sandwiched between biblical books.

While I do still wonder if this book needed to be a Bible (as opposed to a separate book that could be read with a Bible nearby, in case you wanted to look something up), I was pleasantly surprised and feel it's well done.

Except for the article titled "Who Should I Date," because my brain can't stop glitching at the grammar choice of that one!

There are
so many topics covered in this book's list of 150 articles - all of which are totally relevant for today. These range from mental health to chronic pain to experiencing empty nest syndrome to sexuality to autism and pretty much everything else that you or someone you know is dealing with right now.

While I haven't had the chance to really dive deeply into this book yet, I did read through a good sampling of articles and I appreciate how each one didn't seem to focus on the issue itself so much (thus avoiding polarizing stances) but instead discussed what's really important: loving, helping, and caring for people.

What was emphasized was the fact that we're all broken in some way and that we can all use some help in learning how to deal with these challenges in light of God's love for us.

This Bible also includes additional supports, aside from the counseling articles. There is an introduction explaining more about biblical counseling, a beginning section describing what the Christian Standard Bible translation is, over 100 word studies, loads of footnotes and cross-references, and introductions for each book of the Bible.

These book introductions not only cover typical things like "Circumstances of Writing," "Structure," and "Contribution to the Bible," but include a special "Truth for Healing" section as well. I thought these were especially interesting, as they provided an overview of key truths related to healing from each book.

Even though I'm still wondering if this material needed to be added into a Bible (do I really need one more thick Bible on my shelf?) as opposed to a stand-alone book that gathered these articles together, I think it would make a great reference book for everyone to add to their shelf!

This book goes far beyond the "just pray and have faith" band-aid found in so many Christian counseling resources and provides thoughtful suggestions to help us all work through our myriad issues. I definitely recommend this book - order your copy of the CSB Life Counsel Bible today!

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