The Chosen - Season Four

The Chosen is releasing all of season 4 in theaters -- experience this amazing series now!

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"You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll feel like you were THERE." That's what I constantly tell people about one of my favorite series of all time, and I want to tell you to make it a point to go see the release of season four in theaters:

The Chosen is a groundbreaking historical drama based on the life of Jesus (played by Jonathan Roumie), seen through the eyes of those who knew him. Set against the backdrop of Roman oppression in first-century Israel, the seven-season show shares an authentic and intimate look at Jesus’ revolutionary life and teachings. 

What began as a pioneering crowd-funded project has now evolved into a global sensation and is on pace to be the most translated series in history, as the first three seasons will soon be available in 50 languages with plans to subtitle in more than 600.

The Chosen has become a cultural phenomenon and one of the most-watched shows in the world, consistently a top performer across streaming platforms such as Peacock, Netflix, Amazon Prime and a top-rated weekly broadcast on the CW.

The theatrical rollout of Season 4 began with a two-week run of Episodes 1-3 on February 1, 2024:

Episodes 4-6 will now be in theaters beginning February 15:

And Episodes 7-8 will be released beginning February 29:

After the full-season run in theaters concludes, The Chosen will announce the debut across streaming and linear TV platforms, as well as The Chosen TV and mobile apps.

I was over the moon to learn that I'd been chosen (pun intended) to review a segment of episodes (4-6) from season 4.

I wasn't too worried about jumping into the middle of the season since, you know, I've already got a pretty good handle on the storyline of the whole thing.

However, I ended up spending the entirety of episode 4 playing detective and trying to figure out what on earth must have happened in the first three episodes, given how number four began.

I'm pretty sure I've got a good idea of what I missed by this point (it concerned a storyline surrounded characters that's outside of the biblical account), but boy, I can't wait to be able to watch those three right away!

Season four shows how the enemies of Jesus are beginning to close in while His followers struggle to keep up, leaving Him to carry the burden alone. As the seeds of betrayal are planted and opposition to Jesus’ message turns violent, He’s left with no alternative but demand his followers RISE UP.

You'll witness many miracles, SO much emotion, and be kept on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what's coming next throughout this series.

I've told people constantly that this isn't your average Christian production. The quality of every aspect of The Chosen is phenomenal and I don't see how everyone on earth wouldn't be engrossed by this series, even those who would consider the story a work of fiction.

But for Christians, it goes way beyond just being a good show. Obviously there are plenty of moments of creative license being taken throughout each episode (in developing characters, combining miracles, modern-day reactions amongst the followers, to name a few), but I don't think any of these should cause any concern, or that anyone's claiming this to be a literal recounting of all of the Gospel.

What I feel this show does best is to transport the viewer to those moments in time, helping us better imagine what it must have been like to walk alongside Jesus--experiencing both the blessings and the difficulties of that reality.

I wholeheartedly endorse this show and can easily say that it has been one of the biggest things to strengthen my faith and help me feel closer to God.
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