Her Story, Her Strength by Sarah Parker Rubio

A collection of 50 stories about women of the Bible, showing how God worked in their lives and continues to have a plan and purpose for daughters today.

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The first thing you'll notice about this book is its beautiful, full-color illustrations and accompanying bite-size readings that bring each woman's story to life:

This book immediately made me think of this title -- one that Gv enjoys grabbing for short reading breaks because it's so easy to pick up and set aside for a later time.

I love that there are so many books coming out that are intentionally targeted to empower girls and help them see all the great things they can achieve -- this biblically-focused title does just that!

It includes the historical context behind each story to remind young women that they have a God who loves them deeply and empowers them to live and love like He does.

It's a wonderful choice for any girl aged 8 and older who's asking questions about her worth, identity, and place in the world and church and provides a positive, loving, and scriptural lens that helps them interpret the messages they receive from their peers, media, and society.

In reading these stories, girls will come to a better understanding of God's love for them and their value in His eyes and see how they reflect God's image both innately and through the actions, words, and attitudes they choose each day.

Not only does this book feature all the "popular" women of the Bible, but lesser-known characters as well, showing how each woman reflects the image of her Creator and demonstrating the immense value God places on women and girls and pointing them back to Him.

This is one of those books that you'll want to be a part of every girl's personal library -- and a fabulous gift idea as well! Pick up copies of this title here not only for your own daughters, but to have on hand as gifts for any occasion!

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