Answer Me This {Week 16} - The Formal Dress Edition

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Welcome to another week of my catching up with questions I missed out on before I joined the fun at the former Answer Me This party.

I've got a special project coming up next month here on the blog, but let me know if you'd like the Answer Me This questions to continue once this next month is through!

1. Why is your hair like that?

Because otherwise it would live in a clip or a ponytail all of the time, which is what it did for the first couple decades of my life, partially because I needed to be able to pull it up easily while training as a competitive figure skater and partially because I can't stand having my hair in my face.

You know you want examples - here's a journey through my high school formal dance photos each year with basically the same hair clip trick each time:
This first version includes the trying-to-do-something-different bangs option.  But they're so tiny, they don't really count.  And yes, my date did wear white shoes.  It was quite the memorable get-up, for sure...

Ah, this was the year that my date's hair was almost as long as my own.  During this period in time, I would pull out the hair that was clipped a bit to make it "pouf."  It was hard to compete with everyone else's giant 80's hair while keeping it well secured and out of my face!

My natural look.  Otherwise known as how I looked Every. Single. Day.

I totally have a photo of myself in this dress outside the hotel that I love way more, but I'm too lazy to dig it out and my hair's in the same darn clip in that one, too, so it doesn't make much of a difference to you.

Why yes, this is the same dress that I had on in the picture two photos ago.  Gosh, I loved that dress.  An no, I did not spend five years in high school.  I just went to an extra year of formal dances there.

That same extra year of dances.  And now that I look closely at this photo, my hair actually isn't in a hair clip at all, so it has no business being on this post.  But I've already got it up here and besides, isn't that dress divine?  I designed it and my mom made it and we continued to find green sequins everywhere for years!

And here's a ponytail example.  You'd think I could find something better to share than a photo of myself chugging a giant pint of beer, but I'm lazy and just went to my Facebook albums to get all these hair photo examples and so this is what you get.

At least there's a reason for the beer - it was included with a tour of the Guiness factory in Dublin that I went on for a St. Patrick's Day in the past.

But let's face it, a ponytail or hair clip isn't exactly much of a "hairstyle."

And when you're only willing to spend exactly 3.5 minutes max "doing" your hair each day, that kind of limits your choices for a new "do."

Which is why my current hairstyle is so genius (for me, at least).  It looks like I've got some sort of hairdo-action going on, but merely involves squirting my hair with a water bottle, scrunching it up with my fingers, and then adding a few squirts of hairspray all over to keep the fine spiderweb strands from clinging to my nose and eyelashes.

2. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Easily chocolate, because I don't like "chemical candy" (typical sugar candy).  But Kit Kats and Twix and York Peppermint Patties and basically anything coming from the chocolate food group ranks high on my list.

That's one of the perks of being an elementary school teacher that I miss - being gifted with Christmas and Halloween and Valentine's candy to last me throughout the if you have some extra chocolate you need help consuming, just let me know.  {grin}

3. Do you play an instrument?

I play the piano, but I'm not the next Liberace or anything.  I can play it and I enjoy it, and that's good enough for me.

Gv, however, is already spending hours each week up on the bench "playing" the piano, so we'll have to see what becomes of that...

4. Beards. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Well, I am married to this hunky guy:

So I'll let that be my answer.  {grin}

5. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?

Oh, sure, if by stuff you mean read-15-times-a-day board books that are falling apart and are now composed more of packing tape than cardboard (cough - Happy Birthday, Big Bird ! - cough).

But I've also been known to fix a toilet or two, so I can be occasionally handy.

6. Do you speak another language?

I try to always use the language of the country I'm visiting as much as possible while I'm there, so I know a handful of phrases in a bunch of different languages.

I know a few more phrases in German than others.

I know a sort-of decent amount of French.  We usually watch all our movies with the French subtitles turned on.  That is, unless we're watching a French movie, which is actually quite often (check out He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - it's one of our favorites).

I took years and years of Spanish in high school and college, so I used to know that pretty well.  But if you don't use it, you definitely lose it, and since I haven't had to constantly use it like my Miami-native husband, I don't feel so confident with that anymore.

Ever since I met G, I've been learning Italian.  I would say that's probably the language I know best at the moment, but I still don't feel I speak it very well.  One of my favorite websites to practice with is Livemocha because you can record conversations and then submit them to native speakers for critique.  I usually get the following feedback, "Your pronunciation is correct, but you need to work on your accent."

G just chuckles, but some of us haven't had the chance to live in another country for five years, and thus get rid of our accent... 

So that catches me up on another week of answers.  I'd love to hear yours - leave them here in the comments or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com! 

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