31 Days of Great Children's Music: Jim Gill Sings Moving Rhymes For Modern Times

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Welcome back to 31 Days of Great Children's Music!  This is the big posting challenge I'm participating in that involves blogging every day in October covering just one topic.  It's also where you'll find some super suggestions for children's songs the whole family can enjoy.  

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Turns out, Jim Gill is not only a musician, but also an author and child development specialist who specializes in the connection between music, play, and literacyOne of Jim's main goals is to create an opportunity for playful interactions between children and their parents and this is apparent when you listen to his albums and find you and your child learning and playing together.

The children's songs on this album get everyone up and moving around - I love how active Gv and I are when listening to it!  I think my favorite song is Tromboning, but Swing Your Partner is pretty fun, as well.  The only problem with that song is that I'm always ready to collapse by the time it's over.

As soon as you listen to Jim Gill's music, you'll understand his appeal and see why he's so popular amongst the children's-librarian crowd!


  • Swing Your Partner and get an in-depth knowledge of square dancing.  Check out this intricate lesson plan (perfect for a homeschool co-op) from The Kennedy Center.  Or, just grab whichever family member is closest to hand and start swinging away!
  • Take up the trombone and channel your inner Antoine Batiste:

Or try a different instrument - or make your own and hold a family jam session.  Find ideas for making your own cheap and easy instruments here.
  • Declare a Backwards Day.  Similar to celebrating an Opposite Day, but with a slightly different twist.  Wear your clothes backwards, walk backwards - what other ideas can you think of?
  • When I was still in the classroom, we'd have a Crazy Sock Day during Red Ribbon Week (a drug prevention campaign).  Instead of crazy socks, have everyone wear crazy shoes in honor of the last track on the album (Crazy Shoes Theme).  Check out the outrageous specimens created at this past year's Edel Gathering

To Read

Jim has many talents - he's even authored two children's books:

 If you've ever attended story time at your local library, you've probably heard some of Jim Gill's children's songs.  Do you have a favorite?  I'd love to hear - leave a comment or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.