31 Days of Great Children's Music: Rhinoceros Tap

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Welcome back to 31 Days of Great Children's Music!  This is the big posting challenge I'm participating in that involves blogging every day in October covering just one topic.  It's also where you'll find some super suggestions for children's songs the whole family can enjoy.  

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I was so surprised and excited to discover that Sandra Boynton had penned lyrics for CDs full of children's songs!  We love her fun illustrations and silly rhyming stories and this album didn't let us down.

It has many great tracks, but I think my favorite has got to be The Crabby Song.  I am so planning on singing this to Gv any time she's ever in a grouchy mood.  I might even sing it to G, but I'm sure that idea could easily backfire on me and he probably wouldn't appreciate it the same way Gv might...

Perfect Piggies reminds me of The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, which then makes me think of the Gilmore Girls episode We've Got Magic to Do, in which Rory throws this DAR benefit with a USO theme.  Yes, I know, I have a bit of a problem with how often I make Gilmore Girl references, but there are just so many clever bits that stand out from various episodes.  Plus I'm binge-watching all the DVDs in the wee hours of the night while I'm waiting for Energizer-Bunny Gv to finally fall asleep, so it's all fresh in my mind.

I love the song I Love You More Than CheeseGosh, I love cheese.  There aren't that many people I could sing this song to, I love it so much.  Mmmm, cheese.  Must go eat some for a snack right now...

If you have any funny bones in your body, you'll want to go check out this CD!


  • Choreograph a tap-dancing number to Rhinoceros Tap and perform it for the family.  Don't know how to tap dance or not interested in taking lessons?  There are lots of great videos for learning the basic steps on YouTube.  Here's an example of one:


  • Who can listen to Barnyard Dance without picturing a farm?  These wooden magnets are sure to provide hours of fun for your little cowpoke:


To Read

It only makes sense to take the opportunity to read Sandra Boynton's wonderful books while listening to her tunes.  I can't imagine that anyone has yet to see her adorable illustrations and read her clever rhymes, but here are a few of our favorites:

More Music

Sandra has almost as many great albums of children's songs as she does books.  Be sure to check them out:

Rhinoceros Tap

Dog Train

Philadelphia Chickens

Blue Moo

And if you are a country music fan, then be sure to get this one, because it's an album of kid's tunes by top country artists featuring Sandra Boynton's great lyrics:

Do you love Sandra Boynton as much as we do?  Have you heard any of her clever children's songs?  What's your favorite Sandra Boynton book?  I'd love to hear - leave a comment or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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