31 Days of Great Children's Music: Catch That Train!

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Welcome back to 31 Days of Great Children's Music!  This is the big posting challenge I'm participating in that involves blogging every day in October covering just one topic.  It's also where you'll find some super suggestions for children's songs the whole family can enjoy.  

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Don't let Dan Zanes' crazy asparagus-looking figure scare you away - this guy makes some seriously good music!  This album actually won a Grammy, and there's practically no artist that Zanes won't welcome into the studio to sing children's songs along with.

I think my favorite track is Let's Shake because it's so catchy and always gets Gv and I up and dancing when it randomly pops up on my iPod playlist.

Or Loch Lomond, because it takes me back to when I hiked along its very banks when I backpacked across Scotland many years ago.   

While the Music is Playing makes me smile (especially the line "I don't want to go home"), because I remember how when I was in elementary school, I'd have a friend over and we'd be having such a grand time playing together that we wouldn't want to stop when it was time for her to go home.  So I would ask to walk her back to her house and then when we got there, she'd ask to walk me home, which would lead to me asking to walk her back home again and in our minds, maybe this would never end and so we could be all sneaky and end up spending all this extra time together.

To Do

  • Make a "train" inside the house with chairs while listening to Catch That Train.  Did anyone else spend hours transporting dolls and stuffed animals to far-off destinations from the comfort of a column of dining room chairs while growing up?  I obviously did - it and blanket forts were probably some of my favorite things to do.  This could even involve some dress-up play:
  • Take a train ride for real.  I realize some of you might live in areas where trains are no big deal and you ride them all the time, but that was not the case for me.  In fact, I think I was in high school before I rode my first train.  We took this great family vacation that centered around just taking the train to a not-too-far-away city and making a whole trip out of that journey.

To Play With

If you're not up for letting your little engineer construct a train out of your antique dining-room chairs, then try this, instead.

To Watch

Apparently you can often spot Dan Zanes on television, but in case you miss a chance to see him, check out this DVD.

To Read

As if creating a zillion different music albums wasn't enough, Dan Zanes has also written two books:

More Music

It seems like Dan has a zillion other great albums, ranging from Spanish to Broadway to sea shanty themes and more.  Here are just a few for you to explore: