31 Days of Great Children's Music: The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem & More!

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Welcome back to 31 Days of Great Children's Music!  This is the big posting challenge I'm participating in that involves blogging every day in October covering just one topic.  It's also where you'll find some super suggestions for children's songs the whole family can enjoy.  

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The Muppets.

That's enough to put a smile on my face and apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  There's a commercial on television at the moment, I think for some car, that features Muppet characters all crammed inside this vehicle and singing.  It doesn't matter where in the house Gv  is, when she hears that thing play, she comes racing out to just stand and giggle at the TV for the length of the ad.

Yep, I remembered it correctly:

Muppet clips are some of my favorite things to watch on YouTube and I've already shown a couple to Gv.

She's going to be a big fan, I can tell.

I used to do novel studies with my second-grade class and every Christmas I would read The Christmas Carol with them.  We always finished up our novel study with a comparison to a movie adaptation and out of all the Christmas Carol versions I could have chosen, the one I would show the class was my favorite, done by the Muppets.

So it stands to reason that I would enjoy an album full of Muppets children's songs.  The music on this album is so much fun - it's a great collection of tunes from the television show as well as some of the classic movies.  

My favorite songs are the opening and closing themes to the show, along with "Mahna Mahna."

These danceable songs are sure to put a smile on your child's face (yours, too!), so be sure to check the album out.


  • Make your own puppets and put on a puppet show, of course!  Use this book for inspiration, or just buy a set of puppets already made:

I think Gv's favorite character at the moment is Animal...perhaps because they speak the same language?
  • Take some inspiration from the song "There's a New Sound" and build your own worm farm.  This is best done in a glass aquarium, to make it easier to watch the worms at work (or this kit):

To Watch

Obviously you have lots of choices when it comes to the Muppets (including some recent movie installments), but these are the selections I'm most excited to share with Gv:


To Read

As I've said before, I love the "Who Was" biography series.  The second book looks similarly good and the puppet book looks like tons of fun as well:

To Play With

When I think of Muppet toys, I immediately think of Colorforms.  I can still feel the slick cutouts of Fozzie and Kermit and smell that distinct plastic scent.  It doesn't look like they still make the Muppet version I remember so fondly, but these Colorform sets still look like lots of fun:

More Music

I actually have The Green Album and was planning on writing an entire post on it, but changed my mind and decided to just mention it here.  I think I liked the concept of that album (current artists covering classic Muppet songs) better than the actual product.  That's not to say that it's bad, especially if you really love some of the featured artists, but I just have such an attachment to the originals that I think I prefer them.  

Muppets songs seem to be staple children's songs to me.  Do you have fond memories of the Muppets from your childhood?  Do you like the recent movies and music, or do you prefer the classics, like I do?  I'd love to hear - leave a comment or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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