5 After 5, Career Edition

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It's another round of 5 After 5!  In case you missed it, last week's list was your top 5 foreign films and if you're new to this series, you can read more about it here.

Today I've got my list of 5 to share, as well as next week's topic for you to stew about over the upcoming days.

In case you've posted your own 5 After 5 list on your blog, I've turned this series into a link party - so be sure to get your own 5 things added below (or leave your answers in today's comments if you're not a blogger).  I loved reading everyone's comments from last week and I really can't wait to see what you share today!

List 5 Jobs You've Had (Career or Otherwise)

I did one for free, one just for the perks, surrounded myself with things I love for another, and made careers out of the other two:

1.  Candy Striper

Growing up, my favorite books were about Sue Barton, Cherry Ames, and  Vicky Barnes, so the second I reached the minimum age requirement to volunteer at my local hospital, I was donning my red-and-white-striped uniform and roaming the antiseptic-scented halls of the Pediatric floor each week:

You know you're old when all your pre-digital photos are starting to deteriorate...

2.  Library Assistant

When it came time for college and I had to find a job that actually earned me an income, I turned to the library, of course!  What could be better than surrounding myself with books all day long, and through my years working here, I learned all sorts of secrets for how to make the most out of your library.

Ah, a bookworm in her natural habitat...

3.  Disney Store Greeter

My stint at this job was so short-lived, I never even saw the video loop playing on the giant screen in the back of the store change.  Why was I there such a short time?  Well, the only reason I was there in the first place is because my aunt talked me into it - she'd signed up to work a few shifts just for the free park passes and store discounts and as an added perk, got a bonus pass each time she recruited someone else to join the team as a cast member.  I was all for working three measly hours a week just for a couple of months to earn myself some free passes, so I jumped at the chance.

Since I just worked the bare minimum, all I did was greet people at the front of the store and fold a few t-shirts.  It was a pretty good gig, although there are still days when this song is stuck in my head for hours on end!

The sole reason I donned an over sized Letterman sweater and matching pleated polyester skirt each week...when you live in this town, you find ways to go here for free...

4.  Primary Teacher

My degrees are not in education, but after hearing so much about the state's teacher shortage over a decade ago, I figured I'd go help out.  After all, I enjoyed teaching all ages how to skate, so it just made sense to introduce others to my love of books and learning as well.

Turns out, it was a great fit for me, and I'm still in contact with so many of the amazing families I got to know, even though I left the teaching world after Gv was born.

My room was so cool, even the Chik-Fil-A cow hung out there!

5.  Figure Skating Coach

This actually is what my main career has been, and although I'm still enjoying a bit of a hiatus until Gv gets a bit older, I most likely will return to the ice soon.  I'm sure posts about the skating world will start to creep in here a bit more when that time comes, but until then, you'll have to wait for the Olympics to roll around again (here's one of the posts from last time) to read my thoughts on the sport.

With two students during a fun Halloween group lesson

And for next week:

List 5 Games You Love to Play

Any type of game is up for grabs (board, card, video, outside - anything!) so share your list and maybe we'll come up with some fun new ways to spend our time.  Even if you're not a blogger, I hope you participate. Start thinking of your list!

What's your list?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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