Creation Box

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By now, you've seen the first post previewing my new Latticed Learning concept, and although you'll have to wait a bit longer to read all about what the first week's framework looks like, I can tell you that it includes a focus on the Creation Story in the Bible.

One of the activities Gv and I did each day was adding to our "Creation Box."  Each day, we added something in, according to which day of creation we were learning about.  Here's what we put into our box, which will hopefully give you some ideas on things you can find around your house to then add to your own collection:

Day 1

We hunted up a spare box (and used this), added a scrap of black felt to represent the darkness and then put in a small flashlight to represent light.  Gv would hold up the felt, shine the flashlight onto it, and say, "Day 1 - God separated the light from the dark and made day and night."  (This was even more fun to do in the darkness of a closet!)

Day 2

We raided our trusty vitamin-bottle-cotton stash to add some clouds, then included Gv's glitter calming jar to represent the water (read more about both here).  "Day 2 - God made the clouds in the sky above and the water below."

Day 3

She's got her backpack on - to collect our discoveries in

This day sent us trekking into the backyard to search for things that could represent the plants and dry land.  We picked some leaves and flowers off of plants, gathered some small sticks, and ripped out several blades of grass to throw into the box.  We also added a silk flower glued onto a pen cap that I randomly found on the floor one day and stashed in her toy collection box.  "Day 3 - God made the plants and the trees and the land."

Day 4

A large yellow pom pom represented the sun and this fun toy created the moon and stars.  We headed back into the dark cave of the closet for this one - "Day 4 - God made the sun, the moon, and the stars."

Day 5

No feathers to be found in the backyard, but I had a few craft feathers in somewhat realistic colors to throw in to represent birds (along with a rubber ducky).  Gv received a bunch of these recently as birthday party favors, so we included those in the box, as well.  "Day 5 - God made the fish in the water and the birds in the sky."

Day 6

We had several small stuffed and plastic animals to choose from, but decided to add adorable finger puppets similar to these instead.  We also added the little camper girl from this set and "Mr. Red Shirt" (we come up with such original names, don't we?) from this to represent Adam & Eve.  "Day 6 - God made the animals and people."

Day 7

We added the itty-bitty pillow that came with this to represent rest (since we use pillows to chill out with, not just sleep).  "Day 7 - God rested."

I have to say, I was surprised at how often Gv played with this box each day throughout the week.  I had assumed that after we added things to it each day, it would sit alone in its corner until we brought it out again the next day.  However, I would often find Gv sitting with it on her bed, taking each item out and telling the Creation Story while using the objects as references - which totally made my mama-heart swell!

In addition to her own private playtime with the box, each evening when G got home, she would drag it out to show him what we'd added that day.  I could tell he really enjoyed hearing about what she'd learned in our time together.

This box was so easy to throw together and made for such a fun learning activity!  I'll bet you could think of all sorts of other creative objects to include that you have lying around your house, too.  What are they?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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