Oh, She Glows: Feelin' Fancy, a Rodan + Fields Review

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I have several friends on Facebook who are constantly raving about Rodan + Fields products, so when one of them contacted me and asked if I'd like to try it out for myself, I said sure.

Now, if you've been around me or this blog very much, you already know that my beauty routine attention span is about as long as that of a fruit fly - and I have no desire to change that - but that didn't stop me from being curious enough to give the whole thing a go, just to see what all the hubbub was about.

I was clueless about the company - all I knew is that everyone involved with it had either been abducted by aliens and had their brains reprogrammed, or this stuff really did work all the wonders that the myriad "before" and "after" photos posted on social media proclaimed.

Since I was so clueless, my pal Kristin was kind enough to give me a little background on the whole operation:

Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields trained at Stanford Medical School together and afterwards they both went on to work in their own dermatology practices in northern California where they now have year long waiting lists for a simple consultation. Two of the most well known doctors in the world, their motto has always been "Changing Skin. Changing Lives." Out of dermatology school, they decided to develop a product to combat teenage acne, creating Proactiv®, which became a multi billion dollar infomercial line and the #1 acne treatment in the WORLD. I am sure you have seen a commercial or two or know people in your life that swear by it! Then, with the success of that line, they once again teamed up to develop a prestige clinical line, which they named and self-titled Rodan + Fields.

Rodan + Fields was first launched into high-end retail stores like Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom and actually became the #1 clinical selling brand in many Nordstrom stores around the United States. In an unprecedented move, Rodan + Fields chose to become the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store glass counters and launch into the most lucrative business model known today - network marketing, with their focus on ecommerce and a social networking platform. They found that their customers were coming to purchase not because of the woman behind the counter, but because of word of mouth referrals.
Rodan + Fields was recently named the SECOND largest premium skincare Company in the U.S. They are also the FASTEST growing skincare company for the last five years with 106.5% growth last year alone. Euromonitor International, a London-based market research firm has also reported that Rodan + Fields have been named the #1 Premium Anti-Aging brand and the #1 adult acne system in the U.S.

She then clued me in on the four lines that these doctors created:

1) SOOTHE for Sensitive Skin including rosacea and eczema
2) UNBLEMISH for Current Acne or Post Acne scars or dark marks
3) REVERSE for Skin Brightening for Hyper-pigmented, dull or Sun Damaged Skin
4) Their revolutionary REDEFINE line for Anti Aging, Pores and Fine Lines
But most importantly, she sent me a few samples so I could see for myself what a difference these products could make.

And you're probably just wanting me to get on with it and share what I thought of the whole mini-facial experience, right?

Well, I'll start by saying that even though I don't use many products on my skin, those that I have used have been low-end items from the local drugstore and they've seemed to do an adequate job following up on their promises.

But, even my inexperienced skin could tell these products were not low-end (And I hadn't even read Kristin's note about the company yet, so I didn't know all their fancy-schmancy history.  I just ripped open the package and started applying the stuff right away.)

I think the Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste was a little too rough for my skin, but then I'd kind of expected that, since most exfoliating scrubs tend to have the same effect on it as a sheet of sandpaper.

The packaging had also warned that it wasn't meant for sensitive skin, so I probably should have just skipped the skin-polishing step in the first place.

I do have to say, though, that the grit (I obviously don't know the appropriate term for the "scrubby particles") was the finest-grain I'd encountered and that I was pretty surprised to read that it used both sugar and salt to work its magic.

Kristin also sent me this adorable container (there has got to be something perfect I can use it for, in the future - oooh, homemade lip balm!) with two tiny capsules inside:

One was Redefine Lip Renewing Serum and the other Redefine Night Renewing Serum.

I've decided that the little blue night capsule is actually a bulb full of pure liquid silk.

It just glided across my skin, even smoother than a set of fancy satin sheets.  It was almost amazing enough to turn even me into a beauty-product fan.

The lip stuff felt pretty rich and fancy going on - but probably the best thing about all three products is that they don't smell nasty.  Maybe it's just me with my dime-store-cosmetic experience, but I'm just used to beauty products stinking to high heaven.

I'll be honest and say that even after my Rodan + Fields trial, I still won't personally purchase the products - but that's just because 1) we're on a ridiculously tight budget and things like beauty products just don't make the cut and 2) I'm incredible lazy and just not that into the whole daily "beauty routine" thing.

But, if I try to take my syncopated self out of the picture and think like a normal person, then I can totally see what all the hype is about.

Kristin even told me about some cool home beauty tools that the company offers:

The patented AMP MD SYSTEM utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits that can give you smoother, softer skin after just one use and will amp up benefits from our skincare.
ACUTE CARE.  Acute Care smoothes expression lines with proprietary Liquid Cone Technology that melts line-defying peptides and hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkle for a more youthful appearance. Now you can "fill a wrinkle in your sleep” with no needle required!
On the website, there is a Solution Tool that walks you through the same questions you would be asked in their dermatology office.  The tool will make the recommendations that fit best with your skin type and skin concerns (use the tool and find more information at www.kristinhodgson.myrandf.com). 
That solution tool sounds pretty nifty to me - and even though the experience didn't turn me into a R+F convert, I will happily share this little, not-so-secret beauty weapon with my friends who do want to do a bit more than quickly skim over their faces in the shower with a sliver of Castile soap every few days.

If you're one of those gals who is interested in looking a little fancier and having a great glow, then check out Kristin's Facebook page at  www.facebook.com/randfglow.

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