31 Games - Obstacle Course

Is your 3-year-old the youngest of the family, or are all the kids your child plays with close to that same age?  If so, then you know how difficult it can be to find ways for them to all be involved in the fun and games - so many choices are just too advanced for this age.

But now, you'll have a list of 31 unique games that even a 3-year-old can join in with.  A few of these ideas will be best for the preschool set, but most will work for a wide range of ages!

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This is a great way to get the kids outside and active.  It's never the same game twice and the creativity is half the fun!

Obstacle Course

Players:  2 +

Ages:  3 +

Place:  outdoors (yard, park, field) or large, open room

Equipment:  obstacles (like lawn furniture, playground equipment, garden hose, string, hula hoops, empty crates, beach ball, paper plates, water balloons, etc.); timer; pencil & paper (or a white board and markers)

How to play:  Set up a path of obstacles, keeping safety in mind.  (like things to climb or crawl under, tunnels to slide through, paths to hop along, items to jump over, water to race through - the possibilities are endless)

The adult who sets up the course should then demonstrate how to run it safely - making sure to model things not to do in addition to what to do.

Players then take turns running the course while being timed.  If an obstacle is skipped or not completed correctly, the player needs to start over.

Scores are recorded and the winner with the fastest time wins.

To level the playing field with mixed ages, have older children carry a beach ball, balance an egg on a spoon, carry a water balloon, or even just wear a hat.

Make the game even crazier by requiring certain sound effects (bark like a dog) or stunts (spin around 3 times) after completing each obstacle.

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