NIV The Plans I Have For You Holy Bible

Finding the right Bible is like finding a new pair of sneakers. 

You rely on them to not only to help you keep your footing on various types of terrain, but to fit your feet properly and feel comfortable at the same time.

Although God's message remains the same no matter what Bible you choose, it's important to find one that "fits" you well.

This Bible could be the right fit for your child...

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Version choice aside, when you go to purchase a Bible, what you're really shopping for is the "gimmick" aspect of the book.

That's not meant to have a negative connotation, but merely illuminate what makes one Bible different from any other.

Some volumes have something drastic that makes them stand out from among the rest, like built-in journaling pages, illustrations by a particular artist, heavily-researched introductions to each book, or pages filled with devotions for individuals or couples to work through together.

And some are bare-bones editions, a no-muss, no-fuss guide that you can count on to easily locate the right verse at the right time, without a lot of distractions.

Which type of Bible is best?

I really think it depends on what you're looking for in a Bible.

And I'll even go so far as to say it's what you're looking for at a particular moment in time, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who has an entire shelf filled with different Bibles that I consult depending on what information I'm after or what my mood is like.

So when this book arrived, I realized it warranted a slightly different type of review:

Although Gv is still very much in the storybook-Bible stage, it's never too early to be keeping my eyes open for potential first Bibles for her when she gets just a bit older.

We certainly still read from a true Bible together now, especially during our Celebrating the Season activities, but for the most part, we're still establishing a familiarity with the main themes, stories, and characters before getting bogged down in the "begats" and regulations of Leviticus.

Because she's not yet ready for a real Bible yet, it's a bit hard for me to know which one will best fit her personality and needs - and of course I'm sure those needs will change plenty over time.

I was over the moon to receive my Precious Moments Bible when I was a teen (What gimmick drew me in? The lilac cover and sweet illustrations!) and that book actually took me all the way through Bible College, believe it or not!

After college, I spent considerable time searching for the perfect study Bible. I still have that one now and consider it my Bible, but we have so many others that we consult for different reasons (some just because they're the closest!). I believe having several Bibles handy is a good thing.

This Bible is a bit lower on the gimmick scale than many, but it still has several unique aspects that are appealing.

Its Construction

This is a Bible that doesn't have to be treated delicately. It has a sturdy, hardback cover and pages that seem much thicker than the vellum typically used. The cover artwork is pleasant, with foil accents, and I particularly liked the rainbow (kite? lantern?) floating up in the sky above the title.

Use rainbow colors and I'm a fan!


These pages introduce the NIV version and provide some background. It seems to be the same one that's included in every NIV version, but I appreciate its inclusion, not only because it is interesting to see how the NIV Bible came about, but because you know there will be times when your child's mind will wander during an exceptionally long sermon and so maybe they'll just read this preface instead of counting triangular, acoustic-enhancing ceiling tiles in the 100,000-foot sanctuary one Sunday morning.  (I never did count all of them!)

Highlighted Verses

These seem to mainly be verses that are the focus of the "God's Big Plans" and "Promise Prayers" pages within this Bible, although I feel like at least a few of them are just calling attention to especially popular memory verses.

The blue tint makes it easy to locate these highlighted verses.

God's Big Plans Pages

Initially, I thought these were merely devotions, but as I looked further, I realized that they mainly show how God had big plans for Biblical characters as well as His people as a whole. I like that each one pretty much concludes with a personal connection to the information presented.

Here's one thing that makes this Bible unique.

Promise Prayers

These focus on children asking God to help them fulfill His plans for them. They are easy to grasp and not at all intimidating; they are just the right size for little pray-ers.

I always appreciated prayer models like these when I was younger.

Table of Weights and Measures

There's not much of an appendix to this book, but it does include a page explaining many of the common weights and measures of the time. There's also an index to both the features and highlighted verses.

Ever wonder how much a shekel weighs? Now you can find out!

Besides those features, this Bible doesn't have a lot of glitz or glam. The print of the text is all black, with headings in a shade of blue. The simple two-tone blue artwork on the feature pages is pleasant, but subdued.

It will be interesting to see what type of Bible Gv goes for when she gets older. Will she be like me, and go for a flashy, gimmicky version, or stick with something a bit more basic that doesn't distract her from God's words?

I feel this Bible leans towards the simpler end of the spectrum, yet it still gives a bit of extra support to its young readers.

I would say this Bible would be an excellent choice for kids as soon as they're ready for a real, actual Bible and it could easily last until the teen years. 

You can get a copy of the book here and immediately impress upon your child the special message of Jeremiah 29:11.

Does your child tend to prefer a basic Bible, or one with a definite gimmick?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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