The Beginner's Bible Carry-Along Treasury

Give your child a Bible that can go everywhere he does!

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You wouldn't think Gv would care about having a smaller, mini-version of her favorite Bible, but when this arrived, she went absolutely bonkers:

It's no secret that we love The Beginner's Bible. I've written whole posts about it and mention it in pretty much every Latticed Learning post I've done.

Even though we love it, I didn't expect to care anything about keeping an extra version of it lying around the house.

But I quickly learned I didn't have a say in the matter...

"Wow! I love it!" Gv exclaimed, when we pried open the box and she saw this little book sitting on the top of the stack.

"What on earth do you love so much about it?" I asked, wondering why she would care about a smaller version that contains fewer stories than the one she already has.

"The handle!" she exclaimed! "I love the handle, so I can take it around and around and around, and the flappy thingy (clearly she inherited my refined technical language) on the end, that keeps it closed!"

Ah. What I'd thought was merely a couple of gimmicks turned out to be quite important, in the eyes of a child.

Cool red carrying handle, along with the "flappy thingy" on the other end.

And carry it around and around and around, she does.

I don't know if I'd go so far as to say it's become her purse, but that thing now comes everywhere with us.

She just enjoys bringing it along, and since she can easily carry it all by herself, I don't mind adding it to the collection of 537 other things that she's amassed in the back seat, none of which I'm willing to allow to leave the car, since I don't want to end up being the one to carry any of it!

The best part is, Gv now has even more of an opportunity to read her Bible.

Even though this version includes only 26 of the 90 stories included in the original, the folks who chose which ones to include must have asked plenty of kids to help in the selection, because these 26 are some of Gv's absolute favorites!

I had originally thought this book would be for the toddler crowd only, but after seeing how much Gv loves bringing it with her wherever she goes, I feel its reach definitely extends through the preschool years, and possibly a bit beyond, as well.

It would make a cute little gift for a special child in your life. I love how it's not just a book, but a book with a handle! and a flappy thingy! Additions, which are, apparently a really big deal. Find it here and watch your little one carry it around, and around, and around!

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