The Beginner's Bible: Noah & the Noisy Ark

Bring the along the brilliance of God's promise with this handy board book edition of the story of Noah!

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We love the story of Noah (hello, rainbows!), so we were excited when this new board book showed up for our review:

It's no secret that we love The Beginner's Bible. I've written whole posts about it and mention it in pretty much every Latticed Learning post I've done.

You'd think that a separate book centered around just one Bible story wouldn't be that interesting to us, since we already have it in our Bible, but that certainly wasn't the case with this!

The die-cut shape, foil lettering and handy cutout handle add just a little extra to this board book.

I'd expected the pictures and text of this book to be spaced-out over more pages, but contain exactly the same content as in the main Bible. That wasn't the case. I discovered that many additional illustrations had been added, as well as an expansion of the text, to really help this story come alive for little ones.

These two illustrations happen to be the same as in the main Bible, but their order is different and the text is further developed.

Since this is one of our favorite Bible stories, Gv and I have really enjoyed the way this book sets the tale of Noah apart by itself.

I think it's a great choice for one to highlight from the whole Bible, since most children enjoy seeing all the animals that floated around together during those 40 days.

I don't think we're alone in enjoying this story. It seems to be appealing to most kids I've encountered!

Gv loves the built-in handle of this book. It certainly entices her to read it more often, since it's so easy to grab and bring along with her when we head out the door.

I know it would have been one of her favorites when she was a baby as well, as this feature makes it so simple for little hands to manipulate.

Yay! Animals and rainbows!

I feel this is one of those board books that appeals to a wide range of ages.

The bright graphics, engaging story and clever handle make this an obvious choice for babies, but the story is presented so well, I think it can continue to grow with the child until she's old enough to read it for herself!

Get your own copy here and smile as you see your little one cart it around and enjoy the story of Noah for years to come!

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