The Hurry-Up Exit from Egypt by Gary Bower, illustrated by Barbara Chotiner

Your children will love hearing the story of the Exodus told in "The House that Jack Built" style in this new book!

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I received a free copy of this product by Tyndale Kids in exchange for writing a review.  All opinions are my own.

We love books that rhyme and books about the Bible, but the whimsical way this book combines the two just hits it right out of the park!

This great little hardback book takes readers right along with Moses as he leads God's people out of slavery in Egypt and toward the Promised Land, but does it in a fresh, new way.

I'm sure you're familiar with The House that Jack Built and the way its rhyming lyrics build and repeat (called a cumulative tale), not only providing all the wonderful benefits of a classic nursery rhyme, but also encouraging children to join in with the telling of the story as they learn the lines while the story progresses.

I've mentioned similarly-styled books like this before -- in sharing my list of great bedtime books like The Napping House as well as with general fun math books like One Was Johnny. But I really love how the author of this Faith that God Built book has applied that same storytelling technique to such a pivotal tale from the Bible.

Until this book arrived for my review, I'd never heard of author Gary Bower before, but Gv and I have already enjoyed this title so much, I'm scrambling to put my hands on copies of his other books, as well (other stories cover the Garden of Eden, the Flood and Paul & Silas in jail).

The illustrations get a big thumbs-up from me, too. They're not cutesy, they're not whimsical, they're not incredibly detailed or realistic -- I don't really know how to classify them, other than to say they're a perfect fit!

The final page includes a bit from each illustration as well as a Bible verse and the prompting to go read the whole story in Exodus.

Although the suggested age range is from 4-7, I feel this book's appeal easily stretches those boundaries.

If I'd had it when Gv was a baby, I would have absolutely been reading it to her, right from the start.

And I can guarantee that my 4th-grade niece would enjoy a story like this just as much as her 2nd-grade sister, so I'm extending the upper age limit through at least the elementary years.

You know how I'm always on the hunt for great books (other than the Bible) that focus on the Bible stories we cover each week during our Latticed Learning time? Well, this one is definitely being added to that list! Pick up your own copy here and share the story of the Exodus with your kids in a clever way!

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