Day Dreams & Movie Screens by Alena Pitts, with Wynter Pitts (Faithgirlz/Lena in the Spotlight)

Continue the journey with Lena as she reaches for the stars while keeping her faith in balance in this Faithgirlz series!

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I was surprised to already see the second installment of this Lena in the Spotlight series arrive the other day.

Alena Pitts must be quite a remarkable girl to balance acting, modeling and book-writing along with growing up in the craziness of today.

This latest book in the series continues to help keep your tweens grounded in our flashy world.

Day Dreams & Movie Screens: the second installment in a great new series for tween girls!

This time, Lena's hitting the road on a whirlwind bus tour to promote her latest film. She shares this adventure with her favorite music star, facing challenges she never expected and learning to step outside her comfort zone and follow God's path along the way.

Even though this book doesn't contain many illustrations, these little graphics at the beginning of each chapter add to the fun.

This is a wonderful book for tween girls that provides plenty of entertainment alongside grounded values.

Its 158 pages of text are again joined by only a smattering of illustrations, so it definitely appeals most to its target audience.

This is an intermediate chapter book, so even though there aren't a ton of illustrations, it's an appropriate amount for the level.

I'm happy that wholesome books like this one are an option for our girls these days and I look forward to introducing Gv to Lena in a few years!

Get your own copy here and give your tween gal an opportunity to grow her faith through fiction!

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