May the Faith Be With You Devotional

Learn the way to a life of wisdom and apprentice with the Ultimate Master through these 180 out-of-this-world devotions! 

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After reviewing the other two books (NIrV May the Faith Be with You Holy Bible and May the Faith Be With You: Bedtime Prayers) in this galaxy-themed set, I was curious to see what the matching devotional would be like:

May the Faith Be With You Devotional

This little devotional book would be the perfect start to your padawan's school day, since it has the same number of readings as the average school year.

The pages are short and sweet and the perfect introduction to a lifetime habit of daily time with the Lord.

Each page follows the same layout: an opening Scripture verse, the "Master Moment" (main point of the day), a "Ways of Wisdom" paragraph that tells a bit about the story that surrounds the day's Bible verse, and a "Use the Force" conclusion which gets you into a prayerful conversation with God.

The back index consists of a chronological list of the Bible verses, allowing the reader to easily locate his or her favorites or to skip around in a different order.

I feel this devotional has two things going for it: 1) its theme will appeal to a large audience, since it seems that interest in all things Star Wars will never go out of style and 2) the readings are very short, which I feel could really benefit the younger set or those who are just getting started with the practice of a Quiet Time.

If you have a mini Jedi in your house, you'll want to consider adding this devotional to your collection. Grab your copy here and may the faith be with you!

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