The Beginner's Bible Bedtime Collection

This new addition to The Beginner's Bible collection will be the perfect addition to your nighttime routine! 

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It's no secret that we love The Beginner's Bible around here, so when I found out that there was a new book in the collection that was glow in the dark, I knew we had to check it out for ourselves!

Turns out, only the cover of this book glows. I think we were so enamored with all the glow-in-the-dark fun found on each page of this out-of-this-world bedtime prayer book that we just saw "glow in the dark" and assumed this book would be the same.

It very clearly states that only the cover glows, so it was our erroneous assumption, but just in case you jumped to the same conclusion that we did, I wanted to set the record straight.

But that doesn't mean that this book isn't wonderful.

It's a great size for bedtime, including just 20 of the main stories found in the full story time Bible edition -- not too many to be overwhelming, but enough variety to ensure you don't feel like you're reading the same stories, night after night.

Besides having a padded cover and being a bit lighter to hold than the full Bible, each story ends with a goodnight prayer and related verse, turning nighttime story time into devotional time together.

Its pages are heavy-duty -- they have a thick, glossy feel which assures you that they'll stand up to nightly use for years to come.

And, of course, the stories are full of all the easy-to-understand text and fun, colorful illustrations that make the full story Bible such a winner.

This little bedtime book would be a great addition to any home with young children who still enjoy sharing a bedtime story when it's tuck-in time.

Pick up your own copy here and send your youngsters off to sleep with this sweet addition to your nighttime routine!

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