The Beginner's Bible Deluxe Edition

How do you make a fantastic storybook Bible even better? Add CDs to the entire thing!

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We just can't seem to get enough of the fun illustrations and stories in The Beginner's Bible, so we were over the moon when we had the opportunity to review this new deluxe edition:

It's no secret that we love The Beginner's Bible. I've written whole posts about it and mention it in pretty much every Latticed Learning post I've done.

So when we realized that this deluxe edition came not only with the fabulous hardback book, but with two CDs that include the entire book in audio version, we couldn't tear open the box fast enough!

A sturdy slipcover box keeps the Bible and CDs organized together.

And, would you believe, Gv sat and listened to the entire thing in one sitting, once we did?

This all adds up to almost two hours of listening time!

If you'd asked me a few days ago if I could think of any way to make this Bible more fabulous, I'd have said no way.

But the addition of audio CDs for the entire thing is a huge improvement!

Gv loves the few books on CD that we have already -- mainly those that have the "ding!" to turn the page, or just those that go along with picture books, so that she can easily tell which picture to look at while listening.

Typically, these books are very short -- she'll usually sit and listen to several in a row, since each book takes only about five minutes to play.

But now -- NOW -- she can sit for almost two hours and listen to the most fantastic story ever written!

See all those pages? Can you believe Gv actually sat and looked at every. single. one. while listening to these CDs?

Those times when your life gets so crazy, you just need to throw on a movie to keep your kids occupied so you can get something done?

This will do the job -- but instead of being transfixed by the big, black box-god, your kids will be fully engaged with the words of The God!

I'm so happy this version came out while Gv was still able to make use of it!

I have several friends whose kids like to fall asleep listening to audiobooks -- what better words to hear as they drift off to dreamland than those of the Bible?

My guess is that once kids start reading, they might not be as interested in this storybook Bible and want something more complex, but by adding in these great audio CDs, its life will be extended for years and years.

Get your own copy here and add another layer to your child's exposure to God's word!

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