Ellie Claire Art Journals

Unleash your inner creativity while contemplating faithful topics with these gorgeous new art journals!

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You might remember my post about Bible journaling and coloring just not being my thing, but when I saw these sumptuous journals, I realized I might just change my mind:

I seriously "ooohed" and "aaahed" over each one of these gorgeous books as I took them out of the shipping box. They are just so pretty that I want to make myself find some way to start journaling, just so I can look at them all the time!

All three share a few of the same characteristics:

  • Colorful cloth spine that opens all the way for lay-flat journaling
  • Hardback cover with a wonderful, textured matte feel, filled with plenty of rich color and gold foil accents
  • High-quality, no-bleed paper
  • Inspirational quotes and Bible verses throughout
But each one is also totally unique, making it easy to choose the best fit for your personality and style!

1 - Faith & Lettering Journal

The matte cover is filled with foil and texture.

This journal is the most "fun" of the three. Its colorful cover is filled with whimsical doodles and includes an elastic strap on the spine for holding your pen.

Elastic loop on spine keeps your pen in place

Inside, you'll find a bit of background and instruction on how to use the book, then flip through to discover guides and tutorials on how to create beauty with words.

Intro section walks you through the steps

Author Krystal Whitten walks you through different hand-lettering and sketching techniques and provides plenty of pages for practicing as well.

Different lettering styles are shown

Pages like these give you confidence with your work

Practice pages utilize aids such as grids, dots, lines and open spaces to help you get comfortable with these techniques before adding similar artistic inspiration to the pages of your Bible.

Dots laid out in a grid pattern help you organize your work

Filled with plenty of quotes from Scripture, this book will have you stepping up your journaling game in no time at all! Grab your copy here to get started!

Full color throughout

2 - Illuminate Your Story

This journal is the most artistic of the three. It focuses on the almost-lost art of illuminating letters to help you add old-world charm to your biblical journaling.

Elastic loop and strap on the outside keep everything tidy

The classy cover includes not only an elastic loop on the spine for holding your pen, but also a coordinated elastic strap that keeps the book closed, a feature I think is really neat!

A history lesson, along with the art!

I really appreciated the opening pages, where different illumination styles are described along with the process and instructions on how to get started with this art form yourself.

I love how these intricate letters are broken down into so many simple steps!

Next, you're walked through the steps on how to create each letter in a variety of ways and even given tips on how to add extra flourishes, as well.

You'll even learn how to draw special flourishes!

Plenty of practice pages are included, giving you the chance to try your new skills out on your own, using either dots to guide you or traditional, lined journal pages.

Great quotes like this one fill the pages

These journal pages are filled with inspirational quotes and Bible verses, ensuring that you'll never be at a loss for something to write about.

A keepsake pocket for more inspiration!

A ribbon marker and keepsake pocket in the back completes the features of this stunning journal. Pick up your own copy of this pretty book here.

Even a non-artist like me wants to tackle this project!

3 The Illustrated Word

A bit of coloring, a bit of journaling and a lot of loveliness is to be found in this more traditional journal.

Keeping things simple, but the cloth spine still provides a lay-flat opportunity!

Simple and straightforward, this blank journal focuses not on technique instruction, but on medieval inspiration. Its pages are filled with rich illustrations from ancient manuscripts along with blank, inked versions for you to color in yourself.

Grab those colored pencils and get to work!

While the Bible verses contained in many of these drawings suggests a use as a biblical journal, this stunning book could easily be used as an everyday diary as well.

Color this cool stained-glass piece yourself!

This book is perfect for anyone interested in beauty and words and taking time for quiet reflection. You can get a copy of this journal here.

My favorite of the three is probably the Faith & Lettering journal, simply because its fun style is more in-line with my personality -- although I really love how the Illuminate Your Story journal shows how to create all those cool capital letters ... and The Illustrated Word is a great choice for a simple journal, which I think might be even easier for my non-Bible-journaling self to start with, since I often do use some sort of notebook to write notes on whatever devotional book or Bible passage I'm studying through at the moment.

My ho-hum, no-frills journal. Abandoned in my classroom one year by a student who definitely did not enjoy the journaling process. Don't you think I deserve an upgrade from this?

(It's not nearly as enticing to crack open as these beauties, though!)

Sigh. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to resist all three -- which is great, except for the fact that I'm now adding three more books to our over-stuffed shelves...

...but there's no such thing as too many books, right?

If you love Bible journaling, journaling in general, coloring or creative lettering, or just know someone who does, then pick up a passel of these fabulous books here! With so many to choose from, it would be easy to give them as gifts this Christmas, even if all your gift-getters are opening them all at the same time!

Which one of these journals is calling YOUR name the most? I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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