Reagandoodle and Little Buddy by Sandi Swiridoff and Wendy Dunham

An uplifting "tail" tale of friendship, foster care, adoption, and hope that will warm your heart!

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Since I am one of only about three people on the planet still walking around with a dumb phone (what I call my non-smart phone), I have yet to enter the world of Instagram and had no clue who @Reagandoodle and Little Buddy were...but apparently these two cuties have quite the fan base and are well-known and loved by many for their photo-biography.

I might not have been aware of this pair before, but when this book arrived, I could see that their story was something truly special: 

In this photo-rich book, you'll learn the incredible true story of Reagan, an adorable labradoodle, and his toddler best friend Little Buddy -- the story of foster care and adoption and an unforgettable friendship all told through the lens of photographer Sandi Swiridoff (who also happens to be the mom of fur-son Reagandoodle and grandmother of Little Buddy)

Just in case you've been my neighbor under the rock down the street and also have never heard of these two sweet little guys, author Sandi Swiridoff was unprepared for her journey as a foster grand mom when her daughter Kari and her husband opened their hearts and lives to the world of foster children.

Sandi and her husband grew very attached to their first foster grandsons and when it was time for these two boys to transition into their adoptive homes, Sandi struggled with the bittersweet emotions she experienced.

This led to the adoption of a now well-known little puppy, Reagan, who helped to fill the child-sized void that soon followed.

Sandi soon merged her love of photography with the antics of this little fur ball, eventually introducing the world to her new pup.

@Reagandoodle soon had thousands of followers and when he was eleven months old, a new, eleven-month-old foster grandson entered the family's life.

The two became immediate best friends and the Instagram world fell in love with the special friendship they saw blossoming through each update, which then led to an explosion of media attention as news of this special friendship spread.

But the story doesn't end there. 

No, this story continues with plenty of heart-warming surprises that will have you turning the pages of this endearing little book that will brighten your heart and day just by reading it.

The moment I finished this book, I knew it would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves a feel-good story -- and who wouldn't love reading about an adorable kid and precocious pup?

This book will bring cheer to anyone who reads it -- it would be perfect for a Secret Santa or any-other-occasion gift as its vibrant and amusing photographs and high-quality pages make it feel more like a coffee table book without the giant book investment.

This is a book you will feel good about reading, giving, and buying, because not only will you learn more about the positive impact a foster family can provide, but a portion of the proceeds from its sale will be donated to help support foster care families.

Grab a copy (or stack!) of this special book today and brighten the days of everyone you know!

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