The Marriage Knot by Ron & Jody Zappia

7 practical choices you can make to rejuvenate your marriage every day!

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Whether your marriage is on the rocks or in great shape, it never hurts to invest a bit of time and effort into making it stronger. This practical little book focuses on the intentional decisions you can make to rejuvenate your marriage every day:

G and I often use books or workshops (like this oneto direct our conversations during our weekend marriage "workouts" (when we exercise our marriage muscles to ensure that the little things don't get away from us). This title is exactly the type of book we look for to help us out.

It's a super-quick read (only about 170 pages), is organized in a way that lends itself to weekly discussion topics and is written in an easy voice that's full of Ron & Jody Zappia's transparency about their own marriage.

You and your spouse could read through a chapter each week, then come together to share which points jumped out at you, or you could read through each chapter together, stopping to complete the online marriage assessments as you come to them and finishing each day's time with the chapter's discussion questions found in back of the book.

Or, you could spread out your work with this book over a greater span of time and spend the next seven+ months working your way through each of the seven choices presented. This makes loads of sense to me, as the authors have included multiple "keys" to focus on within each chapter, making it easy to split each of those into a separate marriage session.

Along with this book's wonderful organization, I really appreciate its compact size and the simple way it boils down the material. No one has the time these days to spend hours leisurely digesting a hefty tome before spending more (& more important!) time discussing it all with a spouse.

This book does just what G says all great homilies should: 1) Get attention, 2) Make a point, 3) Get out. Ron & Jody streamline their advice without stripping it down -- they say what they need to, provide a bit of personal background to make it sink in, then move on to the next point.

Covering topics like communication, sex, conflict resolution and more, this book offers you the tools you need for life-long marriage health.

Another simple touch that I appreciate is the use of color throughout the text.

It's just one extra color, but it adds so much interest to the text!

It's not full of full-color flash, but that little change in color helps to make the book more organized and allows me to "get in and get out" quickly, taking away what's really important from the text.

This time of year brings love and marriage to mind -- why not invest a bit more in your relationship with your spouse and work through this book together? Grab a copy here and start working on those everyday choices that keep couples together!

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