Seek and Explore: Devotions for Kids

Send your children on a fun, interactive journey that will help them better understand the Bible as well as fully experience God's love!

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This devotional book is the ideal "hook" for getting your kids really excited about learning more about the Bible on a daily basis:

As I'd suspected from the moment it arrived, this Bible I reviewed a few months ago quickly became Gv's favorite and still beckons her to delve into its pages on a daily basis.

So when I received the heads-up that the coordinating devotional was on its way to our house, I knew I'd have one super-excited little girl on my hands.

Besides including the learning-style-focused Wayee characters that are scattered through the study Bible, this colorful devotional book is packed with activities that will help your children better understand the Bible as the story of God's people and help them touch, see, and feel God's love for themselves.

The book is organized into 6-day weeks, but its focus on a book-a-week provides 365 days' (plus one for leap year) worth of reading, allowing for it to be used in different ways.

It could be completed in a year by reading through a lesson a day, or followed by the week, including a day off, or by using it in a more sporadic method, by just working through the pages over the course of a couple years by doing a page or two a week.

That's the method Gv is choosing to follow, although she's so over-the-top excited to start reading it and completing the activities, we'll see how that plan turns out.

I love how appealing and engaging the book is -- the text and information presented isn't too overwhelming and the variety of activities is astounding.

Word searches, crosswords and other puzzles, journaling, map-finding, coloring and more will greet your kids as they work their way throughout this book.

I will say that although the book is targeted for youngsters aged 6-10, some of the activities seem to be a bit advanced for the earlier ages to tackle on their own.

However, if your child is anything like mine, that challenge won't prevent this book from quickly becoming a favorite. After all, the puzzles aren't tests, and there's no reason they can't be worked on as a family, or even take several years to complete!

Although this devotional book would be perfect to pair with its complementary Bible (the two together would make a fantastic gift!), it can easily stand on its own if you're not in the market for a new children's Bible.

Grab a copy of the fun here and watch as your child is drawn into a regular devotional habit, while enjoying reading, crafting, writing, drawing and exploring activities at the same time! 

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