The One & Only Wolfgang by Steve Greig & Mary Rand Hess

Join this hilarious, motley crew of critters for a message of belonging that celebrates how families come in all shapes and sizes!

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Because I have a dumb phone and am therefore not yet a member of the Instagram world, I had no idea who Steve Greig and his passel of pets were. However, who can spy this cover and not want to read it:

You'd think that after I encountered all the cuteness of this book that I reviewed, I would get with the program and somehow figure out a way to work the Instagram thing into my life, but although I do technically have an account and I can see things on the Instagram website with my computer, I just don't think it's really something that makes sense to use unless you've got a phone smart enough to work it.

But gosh, after meeting all these crazy characters, I might just have to start making a point to visit the Instagram site on a regular basis!

This odd collection of elder animals will win you over from the start!
The book is a celebration of Steve's heartwarming story of rescue animals, with the main theme centered on the importance of family and how everyone belongs and is loved.

Pig, bunny, dog or chicken. What really matters is that you're loved!

The entertaining illustrations combine real photos with graphics and are a feast of fun for the reader to enjoy. The animals are often dressed up in lively garb, just like Steve does with them for many of his Instagram posts (@wolfgang2242)

Silly makes us smile around here, so that's one reason we really love this book!

Laugh along with the antics of these fun family members!

With the cast of characters including 9 dogs, 1 pig, 1 rabbit and 1 chicken, this book is also a wonderful example of how to celebrate differences. The quirky personalities of each pet immediately create a connection and invite the reader to become one of the gang. 

Our family especially connected to this book because of our own special-needs rescue, who fits right in with our wacky selves: 

Whether you're looking for a book focused on adoption, pet rescue, diversity or just plain silly fun, the antics of the Wolfgang will be sure to brighten your days! Grab a copy here and cover your family's faces with smiles.

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