Ansley's Big Bake Off by Kaitlyn, Olivia, & Camryn Pitts

The story of four sisters who rebuild their lives and find joy in unexpected ways after their mother's death.

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My daughter was hopping up and down when I pulled this new book out of the box the other day:

Gv recently tore through Hello Stars and Day Dreams & Movie Screens, two books that I'd reviewed previously, but had set aside for when she got older.

I'd expected "older" to fit more in line with the tween/teen age range, but I'm happy that when I discovered that she'd found one of them on her shelf and had already read through half of it, I had confidence that the book didn't contain anything inappropriate for her 6-year-old self.

When she finished those two titles, she asked me to be sure to get any others in the series that I could find and while I still have hunting those down on my to-do list, I was overjoyed when this new book arrived and satisfied her need for a new Pitts-family story right away.

She loved reading this book just as much as those others. She said it was fun to read and she would especially get super-excited whenever the characters talked about anything related to faith.

"Mommy! They talk about reading the Bible in here, just like I do! Can you believe it?"

I have not read this book myself, so I have no idea whether the plot is super-intricate or inspiring or anything highfalutin like that, but I do know that when my kid gets this tickled to connect with a character because of faith in God, that book is a winner!

There are other titles out in the Faithgirlz line that empower girls to joyfully explore, grow and proclaim their Christian faith and this book fits right in to that collection.

This book will help keep your girls grounded in faith when surrounded by tough choices and challenges in our world. Get your own copy here and give a girl you know a special opportunity to grow her faith through fiction!

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