5 After 5, Bedside Edition

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Welcome to the first edition of 5 After 5!  In case you missed it, last week I introduced this new series and posted today's topic for you to be pondering all week long.

Today I've got my list to share with you, as well as next week's topic for you to stew about over the upcoming days.

I've gone ahead and turned this feature into a link party, so be sure to get yourself added to the party below (or leave your answers in today's comments if you're not a blogger).

List 5 things beside your bed right now

1.  Water Bottle

I used to just keep a glass of water beside me when I went to sleep, but after too many instances of my flailing monkey arms knocking it over when I groped for it in the middle of the night, I finally got smart and switched to this water bottle.

It won't spill if I tip it over, which is something that continues to happen on an almost nightly basis...

2.  Lamp

Besides looking cool and providing light to read by at night, my bedside lamp is also tasked with the important responsibility of holding my glasses and my hair clip (I can't stand for my hair to be in my face) while I'm asleep.

It took me a while to figure out this little nighttime trick for these two items - before that, I'd just laid them on the nightstand, where they would undoubtedly get knocked to the floor during all my nightly water-bottle scrambling. 

3.  Turtle

I received this adorable turtle as a baby shower present, with the assurance that Gv would love using it to help fall asleep.

While she does definitely enjoy the cute little reptile, I think G and I might actually love him even more than she does - it's just fun to turn him on, sink back into our pillows, and stare up at all the peaceful constellations projected onto the ceiling.

Gv even received a similar toy as a Christmas present last year (this time a ladybug) and G and I were so excited to have another one around the house - because that meant that we could each have our own little star critter next to our side of the bed! 

4.  Nook

To be honest, this is not technically on my nightstand any longer.  The case is still there, but ever since I introduced the device to Gv (to use as a last resort to keep her occupied while I tutor), I can't seem to bring it out anymore whenever she's awake.

So I just hide it under my pillows (Shhh...don't don't her that!) so that I can sneak it out at night after she's fallen asleep.

Although I swore I'd only ever want to read physical books (there's just something about the reassuring heft of a tome - along with the pleasure of turning its pages - that appeals to me), I have fallen in love with this little piece of technology, mainly because now when we travel, I can bring an entire library along with me - giving me plenty of choices, no matter what my mood is!

5.  Books

Despite my newfound love for my Nook, I continue to have a stack of books next to my bed at all times.  (Remember, we have a little bit of a book problem around here)  This stack changes pretty much on a weekly basis, but at the moment it includes G's dissertazione from grad school, two books on Hans von Balthasar's theology, and a "fun" crime novel.  

I can't wait to see what you keep next to your bed!

And for next week:

List 5 Foreign Films You Love

If you haven't seen enough foreign films to love, then just list 5 that you've seen (and no, these don't have to be in a different language - thanks, Rhiannon, for that great question!)  Maybe we'll all get some good suggestions for movies to watch (you can probably even get them for free from your library!)  

Even if you're not a blogger, I hope you participate. Start thinking of your list!

What's your list?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.