Oriental Trading for Easter!

Are you like the Easter Bunny and already hopping around like mad trying to prep for all your family's springtime fun?

We found everything we needed to start our season off right at this exhaustive website - you won't believe what you can find there nowadays!

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Do you remember how much Oriental Trading helped Santa out at our house this past Christmas?

Well, when this fabulous company asked me if I'd like another opportunity to partner with them, it took me only about 1/1,879th of a second to say yes!

This time I wanted to really explore all that Oriental Trading has to offer.

I chose some things for Gv, some things for our homeschool group and even some things for me!

I'd wanted to try out some of the company's fun crafts this past Christmas, but things were so busy and there just wasn't much time before the big day, so I went a different route.

This time, I knew I wanted to make sure to really have some creative fun with Gv and her friends.

Everyone was engaged during our craft time!

I asked several of the other moms in the group to look through the Oriental Trading Easter page and choose a craft for us all to do.

I was excited to see such a variety of choices - and Gv was excited to get together with her friends for a big spring craft day soon after all the supplies arrived.

Although the moms enjoyed helping, these crafts were easy enough for our group of 3 to 6-year-olds to do independently!

We made this sweet prayer box:

It was fun to see how each child's stickers were arranged in a unique way around the box!

And these cute sheep/chick necklaces:

Sticker foam pieces and beads to thread - what could be more fun?

The kids didn't even realize they're practicing their fine motor skills!

And even a fun little bunny frame - just perfect for our group's annual Easter-egg-hunt photo to go in!

The directions show placing the bunny's bow under its neck, but every single one in our group had it in her hair!

One thing I appreciate about Oriental Trading is that they always have plenty of faith-filled options for each holiday season. We love our share of bunnies and chicks at Easter, but it's nice to be able to choose crafts that reflect our faith amongst all the fluffy cuteness as well.

Besides all those fun Easter crafts, I also chose this fun patriotic bug kit to use for Gv's birthday party this year.

These will be such a fun addition to Gv's birthday!

She's had her Peg + Cat party theme picked out for months, but since we're thinking of holding her party on Memorial Day this year, I figured bringing a little red, white and blue into the mix would make a lot of sense. These little bugs will be a fun addition to her guest's thank you bags!

She doesn't know it yet, but I once again discovered some amazing items on the Mindware portion of the site, so her big gift will be this colorful puzzle (which you know my rainbow-loving self is just as excited about!)

I have to admit - I'm itching to play with this myself!

I would have loved this growing up!

We also still have that nifty Melissa & Doug recorder that I grabbed at Christmas time. 

I was excited to find this Melissa & Doug recorder, because I knew the quality would be great!

Since Santa stuffed the Melissa & Doug kazoo in her stocking earlier this year, G and I decided to set aside the recorder for her birthday.

Gv's been spending quite a few hours playing around with the piano lately, so I think she'll get the recorder at just the right time - I'll have to share her first concert with you here!

Hopefully the recorder will  cut down on the quantity of kazoo concerts around here...

Finally, I'd decided that there were just too many fun things on this site to not get to enjoy some of them myself.

I found this complex dot-to-dot book:

This might be made for kids, but I got it for myself!

And then I couldn't resist this World Traveler Coloring Book as well:

I'm not really into the adult coloring fad, but I couldn't resist these travel-themed pages!

We'll see if these two books can help me relax a little - and I've got this one on my list for next time!

I had to tackle an extreme dot-to-dot right away!

I'm so grateful to have been able to partner with Oriental Trading this year and share all they have to offer with you as you prepare for your family's Easter fun. I've found that their prices are pretty much as good or better than what you can find at discount brick-and-mortar stores, so it's a site I'll continue to turn to throughout the year for all of my crafting and gift needs!

Take a minute to stop by their Easter page - you might find great gifts and craft projects like I did, or just choose a bunch of fun things for yourself!

Did you have any clue this website had so much to offer? What category are you most excited to explore?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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