Latticed Learning - Sermon on the Mount

Learn while playing with Latticed Learning!  This week's Bible story has plenty of activities to go along with it - keep reading to find out more!

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Welcome back to Latticed Learning!  This year, we're continuing to learn while we play - repeating many of our favorites from last year while adding in all sorts of new activities as well.

This day's post is devoted to our weekly Bible stories - some weeks have more activities than others, but each lesson will help your little one grow closer to God!

Read the Bible

Pages 318-323 in this Bible and 329-333 in this one

Read a Little More

One book figured prominently into our reading time this week. You can read my in-depth review of The Lord's Prayer Board Book here

I also found several other promising books for this week's Bible story:

Teaching the Lord's Prayer

Sing Some Songs

Watch Some Videos

We love these little videos from Saddleback Church, so this one was perfect for this week.

This one from Crossroads Kids' Club is another good one:

As was this Sharefaith video:

And this The Bless-ed Bee video:

Play and Create

We did a few things this week to learn more about the Sermon on the Mount:

First, even though Gv already knows this prayer (we say it a lot around here, plus she spent time reviewing it back on this week when it was her memory verse), I decided to create a printable that we could stick in a frame and hang in her room.

I hung it up under the pastel-colored U.S. map that I printed out from this week and we just love it! 

You can print out your own copy here for free!

We also did an activity to go along with the wise man who built his house upon a rock:

First, I stuck a plain white paper inside a sheet protector.  Then I drew a house on some rocks on one side, using a permanent marker, and a house on some sand on the other side, using a wet-erase marker.

Fancy artwork, huh? Hey, it got the point across!

We placed the whole thing on a towel and I gave Gv a squirt bottle full of water to simulate the storm.  When it was time, she went to town, squirting both houses like crazy and she was so surprised to see how the house on the rocks stood firm, while the one on the sand just washed away!

We made this Bee-attitudes flower, to help her remember the Beatitudes:

I drew the flower petal shapes on construction paper for Gv to cut out and then glue together.  Next, I printed out these cute little critters representing each trait for her to glue on the matching petal.  I wrote the label next to each one (and wrote the blessing on the back).  Finally, we added a little bee I'd drawn to the whole thing - to remember to "bee" someone with a good attitude.

I printed out the bees and flowers from here, then Gv cut them all out and glued them down on a paper, adding stems, leaves and grass to her picture.

She then drew lines to connect the bees to the flowers.

She connected the two straight line flights first, then I did the two on the left, prompting her to get creative with the rest.

We did this little hive activity:

I was surprised that she could match these up correctly, but then we'd just done the flower activity together, so I guess it makes sense.

We did the matching activity together from this pack.

And I printed out these match-up cards, which Gv decided to cut and arrange like a flower:

This seemed boring to me, but Gv came up with using it like this, so I guess she liked it!

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