The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun Sticker & Activity Book, by Jan & Mike Berenstain

Check out this fabulous new Easter activity book - featuring that silly bear family we all know and love: The Berenstain Bears!

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Gv enjoyed her Berenstain Bears Sticker and Activity books for Christmas and Valentine's Day so much, I knew finding a new one in her Easter basket would be a huge hit!

We love the Berenstain Bears around here - I have such fond memories of so many of their books from when I was little and since the themes and illustrations in them are so timeless, they're some of Gv's favorites, too!

This glossy book is about the size of a standard piece of copy paper.  It has 32 pages and over 50 reusable stickers.

Even the cover exudes springtime cheer!

When I learned I'd have the opportunity to review this book, I knew it would be the perfect addition to Gv's Easter basket this year.

I also knew it would end up being a wonderful gift for G, too.  

Ever since the new rink opened, he and Gv have been spending the weekends camped out in the cushy lobby (next to the fireplace!) while I'm out teaching lessons on the ice.

Even though he's much better than I am at humoring all of her imaginative play ideas while they're there, I know he also appreciates having a chance to take a break for a bit, so this book will give him a few minutes to relax. 

Like the previous books, the activities included in this one are so varied: mazes, word searches, connect-the-dots, hidden pictures and several pages to color once you add the stickers to their spots.

Can you spot the 6 differences?

I was excited to see another "follow the directions" scenario in this book. Gv enjoyed the one from the Valentine's Day book so much, I know she'll be thrilled to do another one.

There are actually two of these fun activity pages in this book! Gv's going to be so excited!

This book is well worth the small investment and the fact that the stickers can be moved around on the slick pages means that we can pack it away with our other Easter books to pull out next year and enjoy all over again!

Certain stickers belong in certain spots on this spring-themed page, but then there are extras to arrange however you want!

One thing I always appreciate about Berenstain Bears books is that they focus on Christian themes and values, but in a gentle way that people of any faith can appreciate.

The same goes for this book.  It has plenty of activities centered around everything that occurred during Holy Week and Jesus' resurrection, yet still includes bunnies and chocolate and eggs and other general springtime fun.

This book devotes plenty of time to the most exciting news of all - He is risen, indeed!
This book covers Easter fun and games, too!

I think this book is great for little ones up through the elementary years.  The stickers can be enjoyed by the youngest readers, yet there are still plenty of pages to keep older kids interested, too.

That's why I feel this activity book will last us several years. Each year, Gv will be able to complete additional activities, leaving the ones she's not quite ready for yet until the next year!

This page will definitely be one to save for the future!

I heartily recommend this book to anyone looking for something fun (& quiet!) to occupy kids from the toddler to elementary ages.

You can order your own copy here!  (It would make a great basket surprise for your own little Bunny!)  

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