The Bedtime Book by Mary Engelbreit

A sweet, whimsical book filled with rhythmic verse and Mary Engelbreit's signature illustrations -- sure to create pleasant dreams for your little ones once you tuck them in tight for the night!

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I've never personally been a big fan of the style of illustrators such as Jan Brett or Mary Engelbreit.

It's not that I don't appreciate their immense talent, but just that I tend to favor the silly and simple more than the vintage or intricate.

But I may just have to re-evaluate things, now that this book has joined our home library:

This book is a delight -- and it's making me reconsider everything from my taste in movies to novels to decorating preferences because who knows what other amazing things out there I've just been dismissing all this time?

You'll find a variety of text styles, including classic rhymes like this one!

I've written about our favorite bedtime books before, but I can already tell that this title will now be joining that collection!

How fun are these little creatures?

The text is a mixture of short stories, poems, prayers and blessings that is only enhanced by Mary Engelbreit's timeless art.

A pig surrounded by puppies!

This book just screams gift to me -- bedtime stories are always a great choice to give to a family and although you might not be inclined to share it with households no longer practicing a bedtime story ritual, I know several grown-ups that would love to have this sweet book sitting on their bookshelf!

(Besides its sturdy hardcover binding, the dust jacket is decorated with embossing and spot gloss -- making it a perfect addition to a coffee or bedside table in a home decorated in this type of classic style.)

I just want to crawl into that overstuffed chair, don't you?

You can grab your own copy of this book here and send your little ones off to Sleepy Town with plenty of pleasant dreams inspired by these pages!

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