If You're Happy & You Know It - A Sing-Along Book illustrated by Barbara Szepesi Szucs

This fun little board book encourages your child to get right in on the action while you read through the pages of this classic children's song!

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This song has always been one of Gv's favorites, so she was pretty excited when this arrived:

She was just so tickled to have a book that matches one of her favorite songs and we both loved the adorable cast of animal characters that were included on the pages:

I think my favorite critter is the sloth!

This fun little book in the Sing-Along series pairs cheery, whimsical illustrations with the words and tune that are so familiar to all of us.

How could these little guys not put you in a chipper mood?

Besides the illustrations being just TOO cute, there are many things you can point out and talk about with your children as you progress through the pages.

I love how the full-playground scene is at the beginning and then each piece of equipment is highlighted throughout the book!

Gv also really loved the inclusion of the actual sheet music at the end, which means that this book is now living on our piano, instead of her bookshelf.

I love the simplicity of this music -- it's easy enough for practically everyone to play!

This is a classic padded-cover board book, so that means that it's great for babies up through elementary-aged kids, and the song is timeless, which makes it a great gift for anyone!

This is the same size as the other book in the Sing-Along series!

Get your own copy here and help get your kids moving and singing to this classic song!

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