365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids by Kathryn Slattery

Introduce young readers to a relationship with God while helping them find answers to their questions about God, the Bible and the Christian faith!

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My first thought when this book arrived was that I didn't know which audience would be more grateful to have it, children or their parents:

All kids are curious and while many of their questions can be answered easily (What is Lent?), others can be anticipated but leave even the most seasoned Jesus-follower stumped (If God loves us, why do bad things happen?)

Sometimes the only true answer we can provide is that we'll just have to wait and ask God ourselves, but this book is a wonderful resource to tide kids (and parents) over until that day.

This devotional is organized into specific calendar days, which comes in really handy when you turn to February 14th and find a page titled "Was there really a Saint Valentine?"

I like how easy it is to pick up this book at any point during the year and get answers to relevant topics for each day.

I also love the Index of Questions at the back, because that also makes it easy to locate help regarding specific issues whenever you need them.

Topics include time, God's promises, the Bible, prayer, Christian seasons, holidays & traditions, famous Christians in history, big questions and many, many more.

Each devotional page opens with its question, lists a relevant Bible verse, and then provides a short explanation before closing with a prayer and often a "Want to know more" blurb directing the reader to other pages or Bible verses related to that topic.

I love that this book is targeted to curious kids, helping to reassure them that it's okay to ask the big questions and even have doubts.

I will be curious to see how the various answers line up with our family's views over the year, but I'm not too worried about finding differences because I feel the best thing a book like this can do is to open the conversation and get kids thinking about and searching out answers for themselves!

There are often no simple answers to some of these really tough questions, but we can't truly believe in something if we don't struggle with some of these big thoughts and questions in our faith.

This book is targeted at elementary-aged children, but I feel it is a great resource for any home with kids and am willing to bet that most parents will appreciate the excuse to read its answers, too!

Grab your copy here and help your curious child dig deeper into the Christian faith by spending time each day pondering the answers to these questions.

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