6 Things I'm Already Over with the PyeongChang Olympics (& 8 Things I Love!)

It's that time again - that time every four years when I take a break from my "I'm not watching my job" ban of televised skating!  

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As I mentioned yesterday, I was sick all weekend, so every second not spent thinking I was going to die out there on the ice was spent in bed or on the couch, trying desperately to get better.

The only upside to all of that couch-lounging was that it gave me a chance to watch all the figure skating coverage on the NBC Olympics site.

I hadn't planned on writing a post on the Olympics, but just like last time, watching even just the beginning of The Games has me all riled up...

Things I'm already over:

1. How 99.9% of the men have mesh inserts in every color of the rainbow as part of their costumes - and in some of the most random, strange places, at that!

(BTW, I'm not sharing this clip for the video, just to show you a picture of an example of the ridiculous mesh in some of these costumes)

2. The fact that - just to get extra points - if any female, at any time, has a free leg hanging out somewhere (in a spin, a pair lift, a spiral, etc.), then she's got to grab that blade, resulting in awkward, broken lines, and just plain ugly positions.

(Again, I just wanted to find a photo example of this for you)

3. The British-sounding female commentator who has been doing everything on the website. She's actually spot-on with her analysis, but totally lacks flair. Now, Lipinski and Weir have flair coming out of their ying-yangs (no, let's no go there with those two), but at least they keep a person awake more than the quiet chatter of British-sounding lady!

4. Natalia Zabiiako & Alexander Enbert's pointless costume reveal in the team long program. Just. Plain. Dumb.

5. Skaters who rely on one contact point to keep themselves in an already-gaping-in-the-front costume, sending everyone watching into a frenzy.

6. The OAR. Let's see, why don't we ban Russia from The Games, but then just create a new little category for them all to still skate, so really what was the point in banning them in the first place?

Things I've already loved:

1. German pair's short program - I loved this! It had such an upbeat feel and showcased fun personality and not a second went by that wasn't choreographed!

2. Russian pair's short program - it took my breath away and he made it look like she only weighed 3 ounces or something when he set her down!

3. Excitedly cheering on our rink's team, representing France!

4. Even though Bradie still "feels" like a Junior skater, I was happy that she went out there and did her job, which is why she was chosen for the team.

5. Mira's triple Axel. History. Made.

6. Adam Rippon's program. I'm ignoring all the controversy regarding this character, but it was just a welcome change to see one of the men put forth a decent program!

7. Alexei Bychenko's short program. I was just so tickled to see him do such a great job with this, especially amongst all those disasters.

8. Italy's pair - with the squeal of delight at the end - was just precious!

Whew. I just spent more time upright than I have in days and that wore me out. So my list got a little zippy at the end, but I wanted to share it with you before tonight's pair short programs began.
I can easily see myself with more to say as the competition continues, but perhaps I'll settle down a bit and merely share my favorite moments, like I did at the close of the Sochi Games back in 2014.

We'll see.

Have you been watching The Olympics? Do you have any favorite or annoying moments to share? I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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  1. I loved the skating! It was my favorite thing to watch.