Your Marriage Today...and Tomorrow by Crawford & Karen Loritts

Making your relationship matter now and for generations to come!

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This title grabbed my eye off the bat, because even if you already have a great marriage, there's always room for improvement.

This super-quick-to-read book (only 151 pages) covers not only how a husband and wife's background can influence a marriage, but how couples should also consider the consequences their marriage will have on the lives of their children and grandchildren.

I have to say, this concept is one I'd never stopped to think about before. I can remember reading plenty of "preparation for marriage" books which discussed the influence of the marriages of a couple's parents and grandparents, but I'd never read anything focused on thinking ahead to how a current marriage can influence subsequent ones.

The punch of color throughout the book adds to its readability!

The authors believe that marriage is the sacred conduit by and through which God's plan and purposes are passed on from one generation to the next. They have plenty of experience (from pastoring a church to living through marriage themselves for more than 47 years) to help form this view.

They illustrate this belief by filling the book with personal stories, Bible verses and topics such as:

  • God's plan for marriage
  • How your past impacts your view of marriage
  • The importance of putting boundaries on your marriage
  • Three "habits" every marriage must have
  • The crucial need to make sacrificial "gift" deposits into the life of your spouse
  • How conflict can be constructive and lead to meaningful change, if handled correctly

I really liked the impression that although it's helpful to know where we've come from, we can't do anything to change this influence on our lives. According to the Loritts, "we can, however, do something about our legacy, the determined choices and decisions we make during our journey that will give the next generation a foundation of hope and confidence.”  

A marriage changes the lives of countless people. This book will help couples consider the legacy they'll leave, today.

This title would make the perfect gift for engaged couples or even as a wedding or anniversary present. Pick up your own copy here and help others create positive legacies for the future!

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