One Big Heart by Linsey Davis

An adorable picture book that is a celebration of being more alike than different!

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One can never have too many picture books and this one will put a huge smile on your face from the moment you spy its cover:

Did you see my recent post about the new children's show our family loves that does a fabulous job in exposing young viewers to a bit of cultural diversity?

Well, this sweet little picture book would also be a great addition to your home library as a diversity resource, because it's all about celebrating the ways that we're similar, despite our differences.

This could easily apply to the area of cultural diversity, but its scope is so much broader than that. This book is an excellent way to help children understand that we can celebrate not only the ways we're all unique, but all the wonderful things we have in common, as well.

This book is an inspiring story of inclusion and connection that is filled with fun, whimsical drawings and -- my favorite -- rhyming verse!

It's one of those books that every family needs in its collection -- the perfect read-aloud to snuggle up with and enjoy that will help foster all sorts of social conversations as well.

Be aware, however, that this book does reference how God makes all of us unique, which is not at all overly "pushy" religious-wise, but for families who are specifically looking for a book on diversity from a non-monotheistic point of view, you might want to look elsewhere.

But for everyone else, I highly recommend this title. Grab a copy here and see how the One Big Heart God gave us helps us celebrate our likes and differences

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