Leo: Inventor Extraordinaire by Luke Cunningham

Enter a world where X-men meets DaVinci in this exciting middle-school mystery that's perfect for puzzle solvers!

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Imagine a kid who's a genius inventor attending a school for incredibly gifted orphans, all set in a world inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance and you'll wind up with this intriguing new novel:

This story centers around a young orphan named Leo, who discovers clues to his past when he finds a series of tunnels beneath his school.

Not only is he an orphan, but he's never met anyone in his family -- in fact, his current "family" consists of a mechanical monkey, robot lion, and best friend (and all of them constantly get Leo into trouble!)

Life suddenly gets way more complicated after an experiment goes horribly wrong and an underground maze opens that seems to have been created specifically for Leo to solve.

He hopes to discover the identities of his parents, but ends up finding that his past and present is somehow linked to a toy company which holds its own mysteries.

Leo then must use all of his creativity and scientific know-how to solve the mystery and uncover the truth about his past.

This book is perfect for pre-teens and is chock full of action, adventure, humor, mystery and filled with robots, wacky inventions and puzzles to solve.

The clever story will encourage imagination and develop STEAM skills and the almost 60 pieces of sketches and artwork will help keep readers engaged as they follow along with Leo on his quest.

Even though the book contains over 400 pages, Gv didn't want it to end. She loved the story and is already hoping that author Luke Cunningham is working on anotherPick up a copy here for your own little Renaissance kids to enjoy.

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