Vooks: Storybooks Brought to Life

A streaming library of storybooks brought to life that will encourage the love of reading!

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It's no secret that we're pretty wild about books over here, so we were pretty excited to get the opportunity to investigate this online children's resource for books:

Vooks is a streaming library full of ad-free, kid-safe animated storybooks that will encourage your kids to spend more time reading.

It's also a great alternative for "watch something time." You know, those times during the day when you just have to stick something on to occupy your kids while you do something ridiculously thrilling like scheduling a doctor's appointment?

Note to self: when you finish writing this post, go schedule your eye doctor appointment!

The best thing about these books is that, while the user can choose which books to read at any given time, after one book ends, another automatically pops up and plays without needing any effort! For us, this means I can pull it up on the tv, then get it going and walk away -- not worrying about having to pause what I'm doing to come start the next book.

It's basically the same thing that happens with YouTube, but without the terrible side-effects of annoying ads, pesky propaganda, or inappropriate content popping up after that safe Chip 'n Dale cartoon you'd painstakingly vetted ends two minutes earlier than "please hold until the next available representative" takes your call.

Besides automatically playing another book after one has ended, each individual book auto-plays as well. No page-turning needed! These stories are read in a fun, entertaining manner and the text is highlighted as it's read, so it's perfect for all levels of readers to use!

When you're ready to select your first book, you can choose to search the entire library alphabetically, by age group, or choose from one of the popular categories listed, like "friendship," "be kind," "biographies," or "seasonal."

Gv was most excited to check out the suggestions for Earth Day, then discovered a title named "Unicorn (& Horse)" that had us both cracking up at one particular section of the book.

Spending time using the Vooks site will not only strengthen literacy and vocabulary, but will promote independent learning at the same time. In addition to all the great animated books you'll find on the site, Vooks also has fun printable lesson plans: 

These comprehensive plans include plenty of engaging activity ideas as well as loads of provoking discussion questions, which will help you as a parent (or teacher -- or parent-teacher) delve further into the titles.

As I mentioned earlier, we've been pretty much exploring these books on tv (from our computer), but I suspect the site is most popular on smaller, portable devices. Whichever way you choose to access it, you can try it out for 30 days free by clicking here

Do you like the idea of having even more books available to your kids at any given time, even if they can't read yet? I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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