Glory Girl by Jess Connolly

Jumpstart your young lady's search for purpose with this inspirational, tween-focused title!

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It's amazing to see how many books have come out in recent years focused on the tribulations of being a tween girl. This one looks like a great one to start with:

It's obvious that author Jess Connolly has a real desire to help make the tween years less turbulent for girls. She uses Scripture and soul-searching journaling to compliment her wise words, which will impart the confidence readers need to fight fears, face truths and completely trust God's plans for their lives.

The book's six chapters assist girls in recognizing their unique, God-given gifts, deal with distractions that throw them off course from God's plan for them, and allow them to stop trying to be "the best" at everything while comparing themselves to others.

Gv is just entering these crucial years herself (Ack! How is she already entering the tween stage?), so I hope this book will be an encouragement and help prepare her for the years that follow.

It will be interesting to see whether tween-focused books like this one help make navigation easier for my little lady, but surely they'll have at least some type of positive influence. Find your own copy of this helpful title here to bless the life of a special young lady you know.

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