Stay This Way Forever by Linsey Davis

 Celebrate the joy, wonder and innocence of being a child with this sweet book that encourages kids to carry their own special qualities with them into the future!

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How many times have you as a parent uttered these words to your child:

Even though we know we can't stop time and our little munchkins will eventually grow up, most of us can't help but hope that they'll hold onto some of that childlike innocence forever.

Gv and I have been big fans of this book that highlights the ways we're all alike by the same author and this new title is just as fabulous. 

This latest picture book is definitely one worth adding to your library. I just love the illustrations and the rhyming text makes it a joy to read aloud.

Some of the qualities featured inside include creativity and imagination, joyful songs, snuggly hugs and laughter.

Add this heartwarming title to your collection and start enjoying plenty of snuggles as you share your heart with your children and reassure them of how special they are!

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