God With Us: A Journey Home by Jeremy Pierre

 A beautiful new book that encourages children to have hope for our eternal home in Heaven!

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My first thought when this book arrived was, "Oh, goodness! What are we going to do with another story Bible?"

Not that one can ever have too many story Bibles on one's shelf, but one can have too little space on said shelf for all of one's story Bibles!

Since we happen to have more story Bibles than we have shelf space, I wasn't sure this latest acquisition would make it into our permanent collection.

As I flipped through it the first time, I just couldn't imagine Gv choosing to trade out one of her current beloved story Bibles for this new title.

It wasn't full of brightly colored, cutesy illustrations, didn't include fun questions and activities, and hadn't been composed with singsong, rhyming verse.

There wasn't anything wrong with the book; it just didn't match our "typical" style and story Bible tastes.

However, I was also sent a video to watch that provided further information about the book. In it, author Jeremy Pierre addressed the "we have so many kids' Bibles already" statement from the very start, explaining that this was not going to be your typical children's Bible.

I was intrigued by the concept he described and thought it could be a really great, unique approach to take with kids.

Basically, the hope with this book is that it will transform your children's experience of life in this sad, wonderful world as they journey home to God by following Scripture's epic storyline.

The book does this in several distinct ways:

    1. It follows one panoramic theme, focusing on the presence of God.

    2. It presents Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as the fulfillment of everything your kids were made to be.

    3. It's promotes realism about life -- no cartoon-like, cutesy illustrations here -- and is an honest storybook about a fallen world, full of excitement and joy as well as sadness and fear.

    4. It is filled with full-color, luxurious visuals that are more than just pictures. These illustrations are intentionally arranged to move between large, sweeping landscapes and small, arresting moments, evoking in children a sense of awe at the grand scale of life and capturing their imagination. 

As soon as Gv and I began reading through this book together, we understood just how different it would be from the other titles on our shelf.

The book's narrative style utilizes the perspective of two unnamed angels which serve as a literary device that shines a unique light on the familiar stories. Angels have the inside scoop regarding the joy of being in God's presence, but are outsiders when it comes to the human drama of being separated from that joy.

This unusual approach immediately captivated us and presented us with quite a dilemma: we wanted to keep reading the entire volume, but had only set aside time for the first "story," having expected it to be set up the same self-contained way that our other story Bibles were.

We had to set it aside for the time being, but have since picked it back up again whenever we've had the chance -- treating it more like an enthralling novel that we can't wait to consume, rather than a daily, devotional-type read.

If you're intrigued by this unique new children's Bible, then order your own copy -- either here or at the book's homepage -- and awaken your kids to the brave journey they must take toward their true home -- their home with God. 

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