Pure Flix Helps Your Family Prepare for Easter!

Take a "peep" at this curated Easter material from Pure Flix to help your family celebrate this special season!

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It might be the Lentiest Lent yet, but Easter's almost here and the folks at Pure Flix have gathered a great selection of videos to help your family prepare for the season:

I recently wrote about some of the great content that you can find on Pure Flix, so when I learned that the folks there had put together a library of films centered around Easter, I knew many of you would appreciate hearing all about it.

These entertainment choices are sure to leave you feeling encouraged and inspired! Here are just a few of the available films on Pure Flix's platform this Easter:


The Passion of the Christ

The Penitent Thief

A.D. The Bible Continues

& MANY more!

Gv was most excited to discover that there were several selections added just for kids. She has some friends that would surely love these Lego movies...

...but she was most jazzed to watch the two VeggieTales Easter offerings.

Her favorite was VeggieTales: An Easter Carol, which is full of typical VeggieTales silliness as Ebenezer Nezzer plans to tear down the church in order to fuel his greed. Our favorite part (it made us both scream with glee when we heard it!) was when Ebenezer and the "Pea Guy" (we don't know his official name) started singing a song during Easter past, because it was totally "Rock Island" from this favorite musical of ours!

I just love discovering connections like that -- especially when you can only "get" it if you know certain information!

I must admit, both that video and the other VeggieTales selection ('Twas the Night Before Easter) had me chuckling at the clever ways they adapted two classic Christmas books for the Easter season.

We also watched

G ended up using a portion of this in his Intro to Religion class that he teaches!


If you haven't watched this yet, please do. Seriously, it's something that even non-Christians could totally enjoy!

and while neither of these centered specifically around Easter, they both obviously still relate (plus I had an excuse to watch The Chosen again while I'm trying to remain patient waiting for Season Three to finish filming!)

As we get closer to Holy Week, we plan to watch some of the documentaries on the site as well -- Behold the Man will probably be the first, as it sounds right up our nerdy little alley!

If you're interested in watching the array of Easter content that Pure Flix has gathered for you, start your free trial today! Click here to sign up for Pure Flix & help your family prepare for Easter!

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