Updated Review of A Show About Anthem Lights on Pure Flix

Sing & laugh along with this new animated series on Pure Flix!

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Ever since January 12, you've had the ability to check out this fun new animated show that the whole family can enjoy:

At the beginning of the year, I'd told you about this new animated series that was about to be released on Pure Flix. I was excited that it looked like an option entire households would be able to watch -- and enjoy -- together.

We're now 14 episodes into the series (Four episodes are released at a time, every other Wednesday) and I still agree with that statement.

Silly disguises from episode 14

The show is silly and short (episodes are about 12-15 minutes long), so it's easy to binge-watch them all without saying goodbye to half your life, or even fun to just throw on as a break between grueling homeschool lessons.

In other words, it makes a great dangling carrot! {grin}

The musical group encounters all sorts of obstacles on their way to greatness (Gv and I are still laughing over the auto-corrected fan comment "mediocre") and the show is peppered with appearances by rival band, Handsome Knights, who also crack us up because the band members look like gorillas and make absolutely no sense while speaking, kind of like the adults on this classic show.

We cracked up at episode 6 and all the musical references it was full of (especially to this show) and then I couldn't stop giggling at episode 7, which had a narrator that reminded me of the idea behind this movie.

Episode 14 lent itself to our most recent gigglefest, which has resulted in Gv and I singing the "Junkmail" song every morning after I start up the computer for the day.

Check out this goofy little animated series for yourself and enjoy watching a celebrity band with a great sense of humor share a bit about what it's like to be a Christian in the industry today. It might be just the silly break you need to lighten up your mood!

If you're interested in watching it now, just click on over and sign up for a free trial of Pure Flix here!

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