A Mindful Moment: 5-Minute Meditations & Devotions, by Irene Kraegel

 A unique devotional filled with Biblically-centered guided meditations to help introduce the practice of mindfulness to your teens!

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Mindfulness seems to be all the rage nowadays, so I was curious to see what this book would be like:
Filled with 150 super-short devotions, this title will help teens center themselves on God and guide them through Christian meditation, focusing on four key categories: physical sensations, negative emotions, compassion to self, and lovingkindness to others.

At first glance, this looks like any typical devotional book. Each page begins with a Bible verse, then a paragraph or two of related thoughts, followed by a blurb at the end suggesting some action.

However, it is in the action that this book stands out. This section primarily directs the reader to the back of the book, where a "Meditation Guides" appendix describes the background and steps for about a dozen different meditation practices to try.

Coordinating icons make it easy to see which practice best goes along with the day's reading and the steps listed make it easy for the reader to follow along and begin learning more about how to integrate these helpful exercises into daily life.

An additional appendix features several FAQs about meditation and its implications for Christians, while at the front of the book, the author explains some of the roots of meditation, particularly in the history of the church.

Even though this title is meant primarily for teens (I have a few more years before Gv reaches that status!), I'm planning on using it for myself over the next year.

G has introduced pretty much all of these practices to me over the years and I've given most of them a good try, but I'm curious to see how they're described in this book. 

I'm especially excited to discover how the author achieves this all in such a brief daily blurb -- which makes me feel less daunted by the whole concept of meditation!

So pick up A Mindful Moment here -- for your teen or even yourself! -- and begin to incorporate the practice of mindfulness into your days.

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